Working with the moon phases

I remember very well that a few years ago, I felt stuck. I think everyone will find a point in their lives where they ask themselves “is this everything?”. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy or burned-out, I just felt like some big part of my life was missing and I couldn’t figure out what that missing piece was. Of course we all long for that perfect relationship, that amazing job, a dream apartment. But I knew that that wasn’t what I was missing.

I’ve always found the paranormal and spiritual world fascinating. As a ten year old I was using Google to look up ghost stories and for some reason I found it exciting and not scary at all. I started to test my own psychic abilities and everything I saw or felt, felt very natural to me. It’s safe to say I was always in contact with the spirit world and felt a connection to everything mystical. It’s always been a part of my life.

I lost that connection when I was a teenager. I got new interests and hobby’s. Boys and parties became more interesting for a while. Fortunately in my mid twenties I found my way back to astrology, the moon phases and crystals. The more down to earth and practical side of spirituality in my opinion. I started to read more about the new and full moon and started to create my own rituals and routines around these phases. I loved taking full moon baths to let go of things that no longer served me and I loved setting new intentions under a new moon. Maybe this was what has been missing. I kept practising and realised the magic within me. I started to feel more powerful and realised how healing the moon can be when you sit to listen to her.

You are also working with the moon, whether you are aware of it or not. I am sure you’ve at least once woke up in the middle of the night and wondered why you couldn’t fall back asleep. You look outside your window and realise it’s the full moon. The moon has a big effect on us all. It controls the tides, the water. The cycle of the moon is as long as the average menstrual cycle. Nature makes no mistakes and the more you dare to listen, the more mama moon can do for you.

In the last few years you’ve probably noticed that moon circles and moon rituals are gaining a lot of popularity but a lot of different cultures have always worked with the phases of the moon. A lot of people in non Western countries were wise enough to honour her and work with her, already many many years ago. The main reason why we ignore(d) the healing powers of the moon is because technology and Western medicine work faster. And in the fast paced world we live in today, we unfortunately don’t take the time to sit with ourselves and listen to our inner worlds. 

Now I am not saying that looking at the moon will cure your headache instantly, but maybe it can prevent it. The moon helps us to slow down, take our time to reflect and ask ourselves what do we need. How are you? I am good how are you? Is that really true? Do you take the time to ask yourself how you REALLY feel? Since I’ve been working with the moon phases, I’ve gained the patience with myself to actually do that. And it has healed me in so many ways. It bettered the relationship I have with myself, with my body but also with others. Working with the moon is a natural and mindful way of self-care.

Working with the new moon phase allows you to reflect and think about your desires and your wishes. As women we sometimes find it hard to surrender to these deep longings. Maybe because we don’t feel good enough or maybe because others expect us to take a different route. But surrendering to these wishes and longings, is the first step of healing yourself. Becoming aware of what’s within you. Not only becoming aware of your wishes but also your thoughts, your feelings, your inner struggles. When we become aware of what’s holding us back, we can take the time to let these things go during a full moon.

Like a flower that’s in bloom, she needs to know what helps her grow and eventually let go of her seeds or leafs so she can start anew. We are all like flowers in that way. We all unconsciously live with the moon cycle, but living in this world, we’ve lost touch with that cycle. It is important for us to get back in touch with our feelings and beliefs and the moon can help you achieve that. I challenge you to sit down during the next full moon and write down all the things that are holding you back. Make room for all your emotions so you can let go of that’s what no longer serves you. When you write it down it comes up and you release it. You can even burn the paper (please do this safely). Just see how it feels and thank mama moon and yourself.

Do you work with the moon phases?