What to expect during Venus Retrograde in Leo

This summer we’ll deal with Venus Retrograde in the fiery sign of Leo. Retrogrades are often feared and sometimes even used on social media to sow fear and gain shares and likes. But what is Venus Retrograde really here for? What is the planet of love and beauty, trying to tell us?

Venus is the planet of love, of aesthetics and art. In your birth chart this planet shows you how you give and receive love. Venus also shows you what kind of things you like to indulge in and how you like to spend your money. So Venus plays a big role in your relationships, how do you express your love and care for someone else?

About every eighteen months, the planet of love goes Retrograde. She’s Retrograde for about 40 days which isn’t that long when you compare it with Pluto or Neptune, planets that are Retrograde for about 5 to 6 months. When a planet goes Retrograde, it means that the energy of that planet is going inwards instead of outwards.

Venus Retrograde makes you rethink your relationships. You can become more concerned with how you spend your money, how you show yourself to the outside world and what you need in relationships. If you are in a relationship, you may feel like you want to slow down a little bit. And if you’re single, you may start to question what your type even is. Are you dating the right people?

Basically, Venus Retrograde makes you question your romantic relationships and self worth. This period isn’t necessarily negative or positive so you don’t have to worry at all. Just see this Venus Retrograde as a time to get in alignment with what you really value.

It’s a little summer bummer that we will experience this Retrograde in the middle of summer. This could be a time where you might want to go all out, have a hot girl summer or take the next step in your relationship. But, Venus Retrograde will probably have you reflect a little more than you have planned. This isn’t exactly the best time to abruptly pursue a new crush or get a make-over because you saw someone rocking a different hairstyle. Venus Retrograde asks you to slow down.

Now, this all happens in the sign of Leo. What does Venus Retrograde in Leo mean? This means we’ll deal with themes like confidence, taking action and passion. We could all be questioning these themes in our own lives and relationships. Maybe you start to notice you lack confidence and drive in certain relationships or areas in your life. Or maybe you notice that your partner is starting to feel a little too comfortable around you and you feel like having a talk about that.

This Venus Retrograde in Leo invites you to go inward, reflect and recognise what ignites your inner fire. This isn’t the perfect time to be bold, brave and show your leadership skills – this is a time to hold back, rethink and maybe reschedule. I know this sounds boring but radical actions around relationships and beauty will probably not fulfil you in the long run. Sometimes it’s good to be bored and ask yourself important questions about fulfilment, intimacy and passion.

So what can we expect during a Venus Retrograde in Leo?

You may think a little bit more about past relationships or friendships. People from your past that you’ve shared intimate moments with may try to contact you. You might notice that you reminisce a lot about past flings and things. Postpone any  drastic changes to your looks: think twice before you buy something and save any cosmetic procedures for when the Venus Retrograde period is over.

When does this happen exactly? On July 23rd, 2023 Venus is turning Retrograde in fire sign Leo. This retrograde will start at 26 degrees Leo and end at 12 degrees Leo on September 3rd, 2023. If you have any planets between those degrees or making aspects with Venus Retrograde, you could feel the effects more prominently. Also, people who will celebrate their birthday between July 23rd and September 3rd will have Venus Retrograde in their Solar Return chart. If you like to know more, feel free to book a session with me through here.

So to summarise: don’t be afraid of Venus Retrograde in Leo, just be prepared!