Rituals for Scorpio Season



Scorpio season is approaching, one of my favourite seasons of the year. It’s mystical, mysterious and a little dark. It’s the season where you don’t have to hide your love for anything spooky. And of course: Halloween. But what does Scorpio season represent astrologically?


When you think of Scorpio you probably think about passion, emotions, mystery and transformation. This sign contains a powerful energy that may not be immediately perceived by the outside world. Scorpio prefers to keep things to herself, she shares her inner world only with the people she trusts most.


Still waters run deep. Scorpio longs for depth, for tension, for emotional highs and lows. She appreciates honesty and prefers to avoid superficial conversations. Sometimes it may be that Scorpio is not so easy to convince because she does not easily believe others – she always trusts her own intuition, which, when she connects with it, can become very strong. This water sign is (not surprisingly) linked to the planet of deep transformation and intensity: Pluto.


Scorpio Season begins on October 23rd and ends on November 22nd. During this time of the year tension may feel heightened. It is the perfect time to reflect. Inhale and exhale. We tend to think more about past relationships, friendships and whatever it is that’s been hidden for a while. Scorpio likes to turn around stones, leaving no stone unturned. It’s a season to get to the root of things. You can reflect by journaling, doing shadow work.


Another great thing to do during Scorpio Season is detoxing. You can do this on a physical, spiritual and emotional level. Maybe you’d like to donate things that no longer feel right. Or you can take a better look at the things you’ve been consuming and make better and healthier choices for yourself. Scorpio Season is the time to detox, purge, release and let go. In any shape or form.


We cannot talk about Scorpio without mentioning sensuality and sexuality as this water sign represents reproductive organs and system. They also really know how to effortlessly magnetise others with their sexy and mysterious allure. If astrology isn’t real just Google Scorpio celebrities and you’ll know what I mean. They just have ‘it’, without trying. Anyway, this is a great time to focus on sexual healing. Have you been experiencing blockages in this area? What is holding you back from living your best sex life? There are beautiful rituals to reconnect with your sexual health and I highly recommend researching to find something that works for you as this is also a sensitive topic to most people. Heal and remind yourself to have fun.


Lastly, making a beautiful altar can be another beautiful ritual for this month. Scorpio Season also represents death and rebirth. Honour yourself and your growth by making an altar for yourself, reminding yourself who you are and how far you’ve come. What does the ‘new you’ represent? Create an altar with your favourite flowers, your perfume, a picture of something that’s important to you. Celebrate life during Scorpio Season.


Enjoy spooky season!