What is a Solar Return in Astrology?


Many people think that an astrological consultation is the same as fortune telling and card laying. But astrology isn’t really about predicting the future. It is a great tool to understand the potential of something. Let’s say it is more of a co-creation between you, because you have free will, and the planets. Whether it concerns a person, an event in your life or the strength and opportunities for the coming year. Astrologers can see which energy of the planets can be ‘worked’ with. So if you are curious about how you can get the most out of yourself and your life, astrology can certainly help.


Okay, so your personal birth chart can’t tell you when you will fall in love. Or when you are offered a new job. BUT with a Solar Return chart, for example, you can find out when these types of events are most likely to occur. You can create a Solar Return chart using your birth data. You can easily do this online. Using this chart, professional astrologers who use this technique can see where your focus and potential lie for the coming year starting from your birthday.


So what is a Solar Return? The Solar Return, which literally translates to ‘the return of the sun’, is a technique that looks at the exactly that, the return of the sun. Maybe you follow astrologers on Instagram and have heard them say “happy solar return”, (happy birthday). Every year at the exact time of your birth, the Sun returns to the position it was in when you were born and that position of the Sun and the other planets thus create a Solar Return chart. So exciting.


What can you do with a Solar Return chart? Quite a lot of information can be obtained from the Solar Return chart. The most important planet in this chart is, don’t be surprised, the sun. The sun in the Solar Return chart reveals what you can/will focus on that year. You will notice that with a sun in the tenth house the focus will be more on career and reputation. With the sun in the fourth house, the focus will be more on family, your emotions and finding or making a ‘home’ better. In addition, the house placements and aspects that planets make to each other are very important in the Solar Return chart. Less or no attention is paid to the signs.


When to book a Solar Return reading? From my own experience I know that if you live consciously you can notice the changes of the new Solar Return about 3 months before your birthday. It is best to book the Solar Return reading 2/3 months before your birthday, but it is also interesting months after your birthday because you will be ‘in it’. This way you can reflect well and still embrace and apply the energy of your chart more. It’s nice to know what to expect from the next 12 months, so that you can really get the most out of the year and anticipate. Sometimes this means that you have to do a lot with your intuition and feelings. Sometimes it means that you will be very active and go after your dreams and sometimes it means that you can take a little more rest and work behind the scenes.


If you want to understand what’s coming for you the upcoming year, get yourself your Solar Return report.