What happens during Leo season…


As an astrologer I love to live my life according to the Astrological seasons. It brings balance and structure to my life and with my ‘gemini brain’ and Capricorn ascendant, I love those things.  A lot of people talk about ‘Leo season’ or ‘Capricorn season’ and they tell it’s their season because their birthday’s are celebrated during that season. But, what is Leo season really about? What happens during Leo season?


First things first: we have a season for every sign, every year. This is because the sun takes a year to move through all the signs where it will spend a month in each sign. This happens every year in the same order. The astrological year officially begins during Aries season, which marks the beginning of spring. The sun moving through the different signs affects us all on a personal level and on a collective level.


How to know how it affects us on a collective level is by looking at the transits of the planets in the sky. How to know if it affects you personally, you will have to look at the transits AND your personal birth chart. You can always book a reading with a professional astrologer to learn how this really works. If you’ve never done a birth chart reading I highly recommend you do one at least once in your life, it can be life changing to understand yourself on a deeper level.


Now, let’s move to Leo season. Leo season takes place between July 23 and August 22, during the heat of summer. Talking about heat, Leo is a fire sign and is known to love adventures, living in the now and having fun. Most people would agree that Leo is loyal, warm and fun to be around. If you are friends with a Leo or someone with heavy Leo placements you will find them to be your biggest cheerleader when you need a pep-talk.


During Leo season, you might feel the urge to express and show yourself. Leo is notorious for loving the spotlights and during this season the need for attention could be awakened within you. Even if you are a more introverted person, maybe during Leo season you feel like you want to be outside more: showing your talents, flaunting a new dress or hair colour. Whatever it is: Leo season is here for it and you deserve to receive all the compliments.


Another way to make the best out of Leo season is to work on a passion project. Maybe there is something you’ve been wanting to do for a really long time, this is your cue. Go to that acting class, put on those ballet shoes, buy that big canvas and start painting! During Leo season we engage with our inner child and they remind us to be playful. You don’t always have to start something to make money or to achieve something, you can simply start something because it feels good.


This fiery period is our last round of fun before we get back to our daily schedules. Virgo season starts when people go back to school or go back to their full time jobs. When the sun enters Virgo at the end of August we usually feel the need to be more productive, get into new routines, clean the home and maybe even do a detox. Even if we deal with some Retrogrades this year, you should be romanticising your life and be present with the people around you so you can fully enjoy summer.