What do the planets represent in Astrology

What do the planets represent in Astrology


When we are just learning and beginning to work with astrology, things get overwhelming quite quickly. How can I remember everything and how will I be able to ever understand every aspect? I agree, it takes time but learning astrology step by step will help you to remember everything way faster than you may assume. When I teach new students I ALWAYS start with teaching them about the signs, even though we often think we already know so much about the signs. This isn’t the case majority of the time. All the signs have deep layers and we need to know and understand them throughly if we ever want to become great astrologers.


We can look at the natal birth chart as a beautiful cake. So please do not dive deep into your own chart before you understand all the ingredients separately before you start to mix them. It will probably just become one big mess. Start with the basics and you can add ingredients to the cake when you’re ready.  Let’s look at the planets today. What do they represent in a natal chart. A tip I like to give is to look up the planet’s ruler. You will find that the sign and planet have a lot in common and this will make it easier for you to remember.


The Sun


In astrology, the Sun represents self-expression and the way you move through life. Your sun sign is your zodiac sign and almost everyone is familiar with his or her zodiac sign. The sun reveals the energy that unites the different parts of the personality. It represents the search for personal individuality, which is expressed by the sign and house where the Sun is located in the birth chart.


The sun in the birth chart indicates which image you radiate. We tend to act like our sun sign (zodiac sign). Joanna Martine Woolfolk explains the sun sign very nicely: If your birth chart were a painting, the characteristics of your sun sign would be the first large sketches on a canvas. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What makes your self-image clearer for you? The sun also indicates in which area of life (house) you want to shine and where you want to fully express yourself.


The Moon


The sun and moon are not actually planets, but in astrology we call them that. Where the Sun shows the needs and ways in how we express ourselves to the outside world, the Moon shows the emotional needs we have. Due to the way we behave, these are not always immediately visible to others. In the birth chart, the moon reveals a lot about our inner world and how we behave in private settings because when we feel comfortable with others, we show our needs more.


The moon is also linked to feminine energy. She also symbolizes motherhood and rules the areas of fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. It is also no coincidence that the menstrual cycle is related to the phases of the moon. The moon also influences how we feel, our emotions. She moves to another sign in the zodiac at about two and a half days. It is therefore not surprising that we experience changes in our needs quite often.


The moon in a birth chart represents feelings, your emotional side, the feminine side and the mother figure in your life. The moon indicates what you feel emotionally safe and comfortable with. The sign the moon is in indicates how we want to achieve that safety. The moon in the birth chart also indicates how we experience things emotionally. How do you deal with your emotions? What do you show to the outside world? How do you show this.




Mercury is the planet that is close to the Sun and is therefore never a sign further away. This planet rules subjects such as communication, thinking and intelligence. Mercury indicates how you make contacts, how you think and how you communicate. This planet also shows how you acquire and process information. How does Mercury show up in your birth chart? What are your intellectual strengths? How do you communicate? What do you need to make contacts? In what form do you absorb information?




Venus is the planet of love, romance, 1-1 on relationships and attraction. Venus in the birth chart indicates how you give and receive love and what kind of partner you are looking for in this life. But also what attracts you. Venus in the birth chart indicates your needs in relationships and how you like to express your creativity. Where do you want to feel peace and harmony? What are qualities you like to see in a romantic partner? What is your contribution to a relationship? What do you find important in a relationship? Venus is often only associated with love and money but this is actually too superficial a description.


Venus also shows what we value in the field of art and beauty. By studying Venus we learn more about our tastes, artistic needs and what makes us happy in this life. Venus tells a lot about how you behave in relationships, but also how you can enjoy life outside your romantic one relationships.



Mars is the planet of entrepreneurship, of physical (sexual) energy and indicates how you take action. This planet reveals your most basic instincts in the birth chart. Mars indicates how you get out of bed in the morning. Are you motivated to take steps and work on your own personal goals or do you let everything come to you? In other words: Mars reveals your drive. The energy of Mars is also described as raw and assertive.


Mars indicates how you express yourself physically, how you deal with conflicts and how you bring life to your ideas. Mars in a sign indicates how you work and how you want to achieve your goals. How do you express your aggression? How do you approach things? In which area do you most want to do business?




Jupiter is the planet of happiness, the urge to expand and of self-development. This great planet is seen as the friendly guru. Jupiter wants you to succeed and not be afraid of abundance and growth. Where Jupiter is located you want or may broaden your horizons, and this is often the area of life where you can experience the urge to expand. This planet is associated with happiness and optimism. Where Jupiter is located, you can also become overconfident and want too much or become too enthusiastic. Sometimes Jupiter shows us where we give a lot to others and where we can sometimes put on the brakes a little more. Jupiter in a sign indicates how you try to gain confidence in yourself, faith and goals. Which experiences help you with your personal and spiritual growth? In what area of life do you want to grow?



Saturn is the planet of inhibitions and restrictions and is also called the ‘malific planet’. In terms of qualities, Saturn is the complete opposite of Jupiter. Some fear Saturn and also see it as the planet that shows where you can suffer and struggle enormously in life. If you study your Saturn placement carefully, you may discover that this planet secretly has your best interests at heart, even though it may not seem that way at first. A proverb that fits Saturn well is: Gentle healers make stinking wounds.

Saturn also indicates where victory can take place and where you can get a lot of satisfaction from. Saturn indicates boundaries and also the need for structure in your life. When we handle our lessons responsibly, we yield to wisdom. Saturn is also seen as the strict father figure – but actually we all need someone in our lives who teaches us discipline, perseverance and willpower. The house where this planet is located can indicate in which area you can apply these things. In what area can you learn to know and accept your limits? What does structure mean to you and how do you deal with setbacks and restrictions?




Uranus is the generation planet and represents originality, rebellion and progressiveness. Where Uranus is located in your birth chart can indicate where you want to view or approach things a little differently than others.


Uranus is also the planet of sudden change and innovation. Anyone who wants to work with this planet must be open-minded and flexible because Uranus does not like routine and degradation. Uranus represents the force that indicates sudden changes and can give us new insights. The house where Uranus is located can also experience unrest or uncertainty. In what area do you feel that certain unrest? In what area do you want to be independent and perhaps make a change yourself? Where do the most surprising things happen?




Neptune is the planet of mysticism, mystery, illusion and the subconscious. It is the planet that rules dreams, but Neptune is also connected to glamor and photography. It is also a planet of compassion and unconditional love. The more negative manifestations of Neptune are deception and also addiction. Sometimes Neptune shows where we feel the need to ‘escape’.

Neptune also symbolizes the power that lies outside ourselves and that we do not immediately see in ourselves and others. It also symbolizes your dreams, intuition and your spiritual gifts. Are things sometimes not completely clear to you? Where do you dream and fantasize? In which area of life are you not always fully engaged with reality and in which area do you feel the need to be concerned with spirituality?



Pluto is the planet of transformation, rebirth and death. Pluto is also called the God of the underworld. This planet is linked to subconscious forces, power and emotional depth.Pluto was only discovered in 1930 and its influence is still widely researched. Pluto ensures that you experience and want to experience intensity.


Pluto’s influence can be comforting and intense, but the planet wants (emotional) growth and progress. We want to discover more of the things that are hidden when Pluto is in the picture. The house where this planet is located shows where you are looking. Sometimes something must die first before something new can be born: a rebirth. In which area of life (home) do you want to express the need for intensity? Where do you always feel a certain power struggle? Where and how do you process your deepest emotions?


If you are curious about the North and South Nodes, I have a few articles about them too. You can read about your soul’s growth, past and future here.