Venus in cancer

Venus in Cancer natal.

If you have Venus in Cancer in the natal chart, in a relationship you may need a partner who understands and respects your sensitivity. 

With this placement you need to create strong emotional boundaries because you have to be able to withdraw into your own space. A stable ‘base’ and security is extra important to people with Venus in Cancer.

Cancer is all about comfort and emotions and if you have this placement it could also be something that is needed in your intimate relationships. One of the most important things for you is to feel secure and safe. Some people with Venus in Cancer are looking for that ‘coming home’ feeling in a partner. They want to be able to express their love and feelings in a way where they can feel comfortable and confident.

Venus in cancer people give (or like to receive) love by taking care of their partner. They really enjoy taking care of others or to feel taken care of. Some love to be showered with affection and home cooked meals while others with this placement love taking care of their significant other. Their love language is usually acts of service, quality time and physical touch. Venus in Cancer people want to offer their significant other comfort, but it may also be that they are looking for a partner who can take care of them. Venus in Cancer is all about nurturing and being nurtured. They want their partner to be attentive and remember little things, because they do this themselves and find the little personal things important. They will remember your favourite snack and love to learn more about you by looking at photos from your childhood together.

Cancer can be shy in love, you may not take the first steps yourself until there is a form and certainty. Don’t be surprised if they test the waters a little bit or take things slow. They may be sensitive and also afraid of getting rejected. A lot of people with strong Cancer energy in their chart are often scared of getting hurt. Bad experiences in love can haunt them for a long time because they don’t forget something quickly. This can also make it more difficult for them to leave something in the past. But on the other hand, when they are into you, they are into you. Once a person with Venus in Cancer cares about someone, that’s not going to change anytime soon. 

When Venus in Cancer feels safe and secure, they are very loving. They like to give all their attention and share their happiness. They may be giving others a feeling that makes them feel comfortable and express themselves easily to them. That’s because they are also great listeners and they usually don’t mind if you ask them for advice about something personal. Don’t forget, people with Venus in Cancer are often intuitive and can sense when their friends or family need something. If a Venus in Cancer person loves you, you won’t feel like you’re taken for granted and you can expect a lot of sweet gestures. If you need them, they’ll show up at your doorstep with your favourite comfort food in seconds.

Venus in Cancer transit

With Venus transit in Cancer you may feel a little more nurturing yourself. It could be a time where you’re taking a better look at your relationships as this energy may make you feel more introspective. When Venus is in Cancer we might feel the need to spend more quality time so we can ‘feed’ our important relationships. The ones with ourselves but also the ones with our romantic partner(s) and family. When Venus is in Cancer it is a good time to connect to your intuition, to write, to make art, to listen to others and to ask yourself what kind of self-care you have been craving.

On the other hand, you may feel a little bit more emotional or sensitive. This can come in waves with Venus transit through Cancer. Because of this we may care more about security during this period. There could be an increased need for safety. This could result in you feeling more devoted to someone close to you. Or maybe you find new ways to feel safe and cared for. It’s also a good period to become aware of your energy and protect yourself from what’s draining it.