Vegan bags baby


I am not going to lie, sometimes when you’re a fashion and style enthusiast, being vegan isn’t always easy. I used to go shopping every week and I love taking trips to department stores with friends. Even if it’s just to smell and look around, isn’t that a little crazy? When I went vegan a little over a year ago I wanted to make sure I did it the right way. It’s so sad that almost all fashion designers still use a lot of animal products for their creations. I didn’t want to buy any more animal products but I promised myself I wouldn’t throw away my leather and wool items before I found items to replace them. I sold my DR Martens and replaced them by my new vegan pair and I bought myself a black Matt & Nat bag that fits my laptop. 

But when I sold my beloved Louis Vuitton speedy bag this year that, I realised I didn’t have ANY nice bags that weren’t made of leather. I am still on the hunt for a nice and sustainable designer bag. For now, the black (or red) velvet Love crossbody bag by Rebecca Minkoff is on the wish list, and I would also love to own a Stella McCartney bag (I just love her brand so much).

What bag is on your list? XX