Today’s outfit

ootd mary josie
What, Am I back to blogging? Who knows. But I’ve been really feeling the urge to come back to my little place on the internet. I am going to Schiphol today to pick up my parents, they were in Cuba for the last 2 weeks (super jealous!). I mean, I could use a tan but I can’t complain because I am going to Paris at the end of this month. I’m always in the mood for Paris :-). 

I am wearing something similar to the outfit above: vinyl pants, semi oversized sweater, teddy coat and DR Martens. It’s a simple look but a cosy one. I’ve been wearing this teddy coat non stop since I came back from Los Angeles because it just goes with anything. BTW, I am moving to my new place tomorrow, I am so excited to go on this journey and take you all with me!