The Nodal Shift: The North Node moves into Aries and the South Node into Libra

A very significant shift happens on July 17, when the Lunar Nodes shift signs after being in Taurus and Scorpio for 18 months. This astrological transit will change the way we view our own independence and teaches us how we may take risks and lead with confidence. Are you ready to show the world who you truly are without the fear of being unlikeable?


What the lunar nodes reveal in our birth chart is where we need to create balance. If you are curious about your life lessons, take a look at your lunar nodes (aka the North Node and South Node) in your birth chart. The South Node reveals your comfort zone. The placement of the South Node tells something about your talents and the things you are naturally good at. If you believe in past lives you could say that you brought these talents with you from a past life and that they may not serve you in this life as much as they did in your past life.


The North Node is 180 degrees opposite of the South Node. The North Node reveals what you need to learn and become better at in this life in order to achieve spiritual success and fulfilment. Which qualities can you embrace more to move forward in life? Often these are the things we find scary, overwhelming (and maybe a little exciting too). So the North Node tells you which steps to take outside your comfort zone. You can recognise the North Node in the birth chart by the symbol that resembles a horseshoe.


With the Nodes changing signs every 18 months, we do feel these shifts on a collective level. They teach us something about balance and action, helping us to make the right decisions for our future. With the North Node moving into Aries we will bring our focus to themes like independence, taking risks, leadership and expression. With the South Node moving into Libra we let go of the shadow side of this sign: superficiality, co-dependence and people pleasing behaviour.


What this means is that we are stepping away from putting other people’s needs before our own. If you are struggling with people pleasing tendencies, the next 18 months may be a significant period that will really help you to embrace your independence. Aries also represents the child and the risk taker, this may also be a time where you will learn to trust your own gut and stop asking for advice and blessings. This is your turn to become the main character in your own life, it’s time you embrace the fiery leader inside of you and show the world what you’re capable of.


These Nodal shifts bring changes in how and where we’re working towards in terms of evolution. We are all here to grow, heal and inspire. The North Node helps you to get aligned with your higher self and focus on what’s meant for you in this lifetime, even if it’s scary. We expand by taking chances and facing challenges, not by sitting still and letting others do the work for us.
Are you ready to explore your qualities and show up as your most authentic self?