The lunar Nodes in astrology

As an astrologer, I secretly have one subject within astrology that always gets me excited: the lunar nodes. Or also known as: the North Node and South Node. The moon’s nodes are like the Yin Yang symbol, creating the perfect balance. What the lunar nodes reveal in our birth chart is where we need to create balance. If you are curious about your life lessons, take a look at your lunar nodes in your birth chart.

The South Node reveals your comfort zone. The placement of the South Node tells something about your talents and the things you are naturally good at. If you believe in past lives you could say that you brought these talents with you from a past life and that they may not serve you in this life as much as they did in your past life

Example: with the South Node in the tenth house in Leo you could have strong leadership qualities. You are often in the spotlights and get a lot of attention, naturally. You can motivate and make others laugh, but in the end you make important choices all by yourself without help or consultation. This could also mean that you don’t take time to really mentally connect with others. These qualities are not necessarily bad, but without the qualities of the North Node you will always run into the same blockages: others regret that you do not listen and may even find you a bit selfish or arrogant. We are often unaware of the negative side of our South Node because it all feels so natural and comfortable.

The North Node is 180 degrees opposite of the South Node. The North Node reveals what you need to learn and become better at in this life in order to achieve success. Which qualities can you embrace more to move forward in life? Often these are the things we find scary, overwhelming (and maybe a little exciting too). So the North Node tells you which steps to take outside your comfort zone. You can recognise the North Node in the birth chart by the symbol that resembles a horseshoe. The South Node looks like an opposite horseshoe.

A misconception about the lunar nodes is that we should completely let go of the things we encounter when we explore the South Node. This is not entirely true because it is precisely about finding balance between the lunar nodes. The properties of the North Node are of little use to you if you do not take those of the South Node with you.

We do not grow without discomfort and we must walk the path of the North Node for spiritual development. So yes, that is not always easy. With the South Node in Pisces for example, we need to learn to get out of victimhood and create a routine. With these lunar nodes you can feel like nothing is happening because your creativity and perfectionism always thwart each other. The South Node in Aries can indicate that you like to be free and do things on your own. You may think that getting into relationships means giving up your independence and surrendering yourself to another person can make you feel like a quitter. Something to learn here is balance: we need to feel equal in relationships to feel our best.

Discovering your own lunar nodes is a personal journey but one that enriches your mind. We are all on a spiritual search for ourselves and I have never found a tool that gives as many answers as the North Node and South Node when it comes to understanding your evolution in this lifetime. When you start to understand your own language, life becomes really beautiful and you can take steps that broaden your horizons. If you have delved into astrology you will understand that with my North Node in the tenth house in Sagittarius I also like to share my journey and answers with you.

Do you know yours?