The Dutch hotel in Maastricht

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Checked in at The Dutch hotel in Maastricht, so cool. The hotel is located in the upcoming district: Wyck. The hotel has a 80’s vibe to it, it’s modern and luxurious. My sister got us the extra large room with disco theme for my birthday (best present ever). We ordered gin tonics in the ‘jungle’ and my sister danced around in our huge room while I Insta-storied my life away.

This hotel is not like any other hotels I’ve ever been to. The building and decor have so many nice details, I didn’t know what to photograph first. The lobby has a Smeg fridge with free drinks and popsicles, a lot of boardgames and a book shelf with stylish books about travel and fashion.
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I had never been to Maastricht so I was really curious about the city. We found some really cool hotspots offering vegan options and wandered around for a little bit. A place that I really liked was Bijzonder. You can find this spot, in a residential area right out of the busy centre( Luikerweg 33).

I highly recommend this hotel if you want to explore Maastricht in a more extraordinary way.

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