Some random questions

josie blogWhat does your night routine look like?

I like to have a clean face before going to bed so I remove my make-up with Aesop’s ‘remove’ oil. It’s amazing and takes off my make-up so gently, it smells amazing too. I like to spray my bedroom with calming essential oils that put me in a calming mood. Also, I always have to have my nightly cup of tea before going to bed. I usually watch some Youtube video’s or read before sleepy time :-).

What is your favourite breakfast recipe?

My all time favourite breakfast recipe is banana nice cream, I can eat it every day. You start with frozen bananas in the blender and you can add anything you like. From seeds to fruit, from butters to nuts. It’s amazing and healthy too!

What is the last item you bought?

I bought hummus at the grocery store haha. Does that count? The last fashionable item I bought was a pyjama from Love Stories. I am obsessed with this brand.

What are your plans for the summer?

I have absolutely no clue. I am going to work and hopefully travel, even though I have no plans yet. I hope to spend some time in Los Angeles.

What shows have you been watching?

‘LOVE’. I binged watched this show so fast. I also really loved ‘Please Like Me’.

Favourite song of the moment?

Hmm, let me think. I think ‘Wasted Times’ by The Weeknd.

Something you’ve learned recently?

I have learned so many things! But something that is stuck in my head right now is that the mind and body are so connected, even more than I already realised. I am trying to take the best care of myself in any way possible. Happy body = happy mind and vice versa!

What do you miss?

My boyfriend and the palmtrees.

XX, talk soon!