Your blueprint: birth chart reading (Rotterdam)

1 hour 30 min. Getting to know yourself is an important part your soul’s growth. Understanding yourself deeply means you can really step into your own power and make life-changing decisions. 


During this reading we look at your blueprint: your birth chart. The birth chart reveals your potential, talents but also your blockages. We will go through all your placements together and afterwards you will have a better understanding of how to look at your own birth chart. We will discuss anything you’d like: relationships, career, personality and more. Together we will also look at your life path and challenges.


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What’s included?


  • a recorded audio file so you can keep your reading forever. Feel free to take notes too.
  • the opportunity to ask questions during and after the reading (through email).
  • a crystal to take home to support you during the current planetary energies.
  • coffee or (chai) tea.



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You will receive your written reading within approximately 30 working days unless stated otherwise. If you ordered a course, you have access to the course immediately (unless it’s a pre-order). If you’ve booked a 1:1 session with me I will schedule us as soon as possible and desired.

I will contact you on the email address you’ve placed your order with to schedule an appointment. If you’ve booked a reading for someone else – please email me at

It is completely normal to have questions after our session because even a 75 minute session is not long enough to discuss the depth of your whole birth chart. If you have a few short questions you can always email me and I will answer them as soon as I can. If you want to learn more or dive deeper into your birth chart together you can simply book another follow-up session (for returning clients only).

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