Moon expert Masterclass June 25th


In this Masterclass I will explain you everything you’ve always wanted to know about working with the moon. You will learn the difference between the birth chart moon and the moon in transit. I will also talk about the progressed moon and how you can track this for yourself. I am not holding back ;-). In this +2 hour Masterclass we’ll go through the basics and also through 4 major subjects :


The moon through the 12 different signs. What does it mean when the moon is in Cancer or in Gemini? How does it effect us collectively and how can we track and work with all these different energies? I’ll give you all the ins and outs about living with the moon and how much balance and peace it has brought into my life. I promise you; working with the moon helps with huge inner and outer transformations if you know how to do it.


The moon phases. The cycle of the moon consists of 8 different phases. We’ll discuss the full and new moon in depth. What to do when the new moon is in Leo and the full moon is in Aquarius (we’ll go through all the signs). I will also explain the importance of aspects. After this Masterclass you know exactly how to track the moon and what tools to use. I’ll also share my favourite rituals, books, apps and websites.


The moon in the birth chart + your progressed moon. We will dive even deeper and look at the moon in the birth chart and I will explain the difference clearly. We also touch on the progressed moon and how to calculate it. The progressed moon tells you a lot about the phase you are in currently. I promise you: super exciting to know about! I will be giving plenty examples and we’ll go through the charts of different celebrities.


The moon in transit. Lastly I’ll explain how you can interpret the moon in your OWN birth chart. I’ll explain what it means when other planets in your birth chart are involved and how significant they are.


There is at least 30 minutes for questions in this Masterclass because I want you to leave fully inspired!
This Masterclass will be taught in English.


This Masterclass will be hosted live on Zoom on June 25th 20:00 CEST and will be recorded. 


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