Astro Goddess Membership (English)

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Astro Goddess membership FAQ:

What can I expect to gain from the Astro Goddess Membership?

Every month (with renewal) you will receeive a beautiful guide, that will help you work with the new and full moon energies of that month. You will learn more about the astrological signs and the deeper meaning of the energies around the moon phases. You will receive easy customisable journaling pages with questions that will help with your spiritual journey. This guide will also help you with releasing your emotions and connect you to your higher self through astrology.

What do I get?

Every edition includes:

  • 2 monthly rituals based on the zodiac signs of the full moon and new moon of that month.
    Do’s & don’ts based on the energies of the signs of that full and new moon of that month.
  • A astro-forecast. What to expect from the planets and their energies during the upcoming month?
  • Journaling pages that will help you with your spiritual self-discovery with questions related to the full and new moon of that month.
  • A link to a closed facebook page that will help you connect with other like-minded astro bff’s.

Do I need any astrological knowledge if I want to use the Astro Goddess membership?

No, this membership is made for everyone and doesn’t require any specific ‘level’ of knowledge. If you have never done anything with astrology but are interested in doing so, this might be a interesting time to start. If you already know a little bit about astrology this membership could be a great tool to connect with yourself and others through astrology.

When will the amount be debited from my account?

You will be billed every 1st of the month. After your payment has been processed  you can go the page “my account” and see and download your product. My account will give you acces to your data.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can do that on the page ‘my account’.



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