3 private astrology classes

5 weeks – 3 classes


This package is perfect for space-holders, coaches, yoga teachers, energy workers and (cacao) ceremony facilitators that would like to understand how you can really work with astrology and how you can weave this wisdom into your practices and ceremonies. These 3 classes are for you if you’d like to practice, study and deepen your astrological knowledge.

*limited spots, we can book a free 15 minute call to see if this is a fit for you.


What’s included?



  • all sessions may be recorded through Zoom so you can revisit the content.
  • homework is included, I will give you feedback if this is favoured.


Do I need any astrological knowledge?


These 3 classes are for my 1:1 students who feel the desire to go deeper. We can discuss any topic: aspects, synastry, Saturn returns, progressions. We can also choose one topic for each class. If you are a beginner, I would recommend the 1:1 astrology training (6 weeks).



What will I learn?


These 3 classes are for practice and studying a more specific topic within astrology. To deepen your knowledge or learn something new. It’s also for those who would love to gain more confidence in reading charts. I will give feedback and will even give you homework between classes. The 3 classes are given over a course of 5 weeks so you have enough time to integrate all the new information.



In what language will the training be?


Dutch or English, whatever you prefer.


Is there a payment plan available?


Yes, you can pay in two installments. Just email me for the possibilities: info@josieboog.com.


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You will receive your written reading within approximately 30 working days unless stated otherwise. If you ordered a course, you have access to the course immediately (unless it’s a pre-order). If you’ve booked a 1:1 session with me I will schedule us as soon as possible and desired.

I will contact you on the email address you’ve placed your order with to schedule an appointment. If you’ve booked a reading for someone else – please email me at info@josieboog.com.

It is completely normal to have questions after our session because even a 75 minute session is not long enough to discuss the depth of your whole birth chart. If you have a few short questions you can always email me and I will answer them as soon as I can. If you want to learn more or dive deeper into your birth chart together you can simply book another follow-up session (for returning clients only).

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