Let me show you the way

Are you a (future) coach, energy worker, facilitator, retreat host, meditation teacher or someone who'd like to really work with astrology?

And would you like to be able to...

  • Understand your own and your clients birth chart better so you can not only unlock your own potential but also your clients. Together you will be able to put pieces together to embrace greatness.

  • Interpret the energies of the new of full moon yourself, no more need for Google or astrology accounts on social media. You are the expert and clients will come to you for advice!

  • Give your clients advice based on the lunar cycle and transits to help them tackle challenges they are experiencing. You’ll be able to validate what they are going though based on a chart.

  • Help your clients understand their own placements to ease the healing process.

  • Host your own beautiful moon ceremonies with your own rituals based on the lunar or planetary energies. You will know what’s needed and suitable just by looking at the transits. This will definitely wow your clients because you know what you’re talking about!

Have you been called to;

Work with the moon, but felt lost with all the information out there. Have you wondered what is  accurate and what isn’t? Would you like to understand, besides from what you intuitively feel, what the moon energy is really about?

Connect with others in a more intimate setting and maybe host your own events, gathering or ceremonies with the energies of the moon (and other planets).

Maybe share more correct astro knowledge in your newsletters, social posts or even podcast. People love to be up to date with the astrological forecast. You will have all the deets and your followers will love it.

Learn astrology – just because. Maybe you are just overwhelmed with all the books, social content, podcasts etc and you just want to make sure you understand all the basics.


I’d love to guide you!

There is room for your own process. Whether you are a beginner of someone with a fundamental base, you are welcome to schedule a free call or dive head first. Let’s do this together and get you where you want to be.

AlexandraHypno therapist + astrologer
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I am so happy that I chose to do Josie's Astrology 1:1 program! Learning to interpret my own chart has made the missing puzzle pieces of my life fall into place. I can look at myself much more gently now and have stopped resisting what I cannot change. Josie's challenging assignments and extensive feedback helped me interpret the birth chart of others. Now doing readings for others, I get feedback that they completely recognise themselves in what I unravel for them. The mother of a child whose chart I worked on told me that she is so grateful that she can now approach her son differently. It made her cry, she was so happy. I couldn't have done it without Josie's expertise! What makes this 1:1 journey so special? Very simple...the live contact! No pre-recorded videos. Just chatting together, sparring, asking questions and having the opportunity to watch our recorded sessions again later on. So, so grateful for Josie and everything she taught me. I have been infected with the cosmic virus and have not yet finished learning!
RuthBreathwork coach
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First of all I would like to thank you for the wonderful 6 week program. I really enjoyed sitting with you every morning and learning from you. I have been following you since 2019 and I really wanted to work with you back then and 3 years later I got the chance. Your knowledge, your presence, the PDFs received and your book recommendations are on point! Unfortunately, 6 weeks went far too quickly. But like I said before you are my favorite Astrologer 🌙 I wish you the best of luck with the other students who will come out of your journey just as richly as I did.
RowanHolistic therapist
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I found the private 1:1 astrology training very educational and fun! There is absolutely no pressure, everything goes exactly at your own pace and you mainly learn what you want to learn, so it is adapted to your goals. Because I wanted to focus on mainly new moon and full moon ceremonies, that is also what we spent a little more time on. The homework assignments that you receive are also extremely valuable and Josie is always available to ask questions that are answered very quickly. Josie herself is also super sweet and the vibe is always very chill during the weekly zoom sessions. I definitely recommend this training! :)
Anne-fleur van Ierlant
Anne-fleur van Ierlantcoach
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These 6 weeks with Josie were exactly what I needed to learn about Astrology at an enjoyable pace. She taught me everything I wanted to know. Josie is super patient and understanding and therefore a very good teacher. She explains everything very clearly and answers all your questions (even outside of class). Once you have finished these 6 weeks of lessons from Josie, you can apply Astrology in your own life/business with great confidence. For me it really isn't over yet, because I just want to learn more now :) Thank you dear Josie, for letting the astrological flame in me grow into a big, warm bonfire.
Lisa Ninaholistic coach
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I am extremely grateful for the past 6 weeks and I have really learned a lot in a short period of time. Josie has a very nice energy and she explains everything well. I also really liked that she was always ready to answer questions and that I received everything as a nice handout. The personal attention allowed me to really focus on what I wanted to learn and Josie guided me well in this. In addition to what she taught me during the sessions, she also gave me many tools to continue working with astrology myself. I can't wait to start using astrology!
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Dear Josie, thank you for this wonderful journey through the wonderful world of astrology. You have taught me so much in a short time, made me even more enthusiastic and boosted my self-confidence. I experienced the sessions as super educational and also very enjoyable and your book has strengthened my knowledge even more. You have been more than committed and I really appreciate your support. I am grateful that I got to know you and I am sure that you will make many more people happy🤍
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Josie is a great astrologer. I found it incredibly valuable to learn the first tricks of the trade from her. She has so much knowledge and shares it with so much love & enthusiasm. She totally infected me, haha! The theory makes the sessions very practical and applicable, so you can get started right away with minimal knowledge. This bit of awareness is such a wonderful addition to my life, and even to my business. Thank you Josie! 🙏🏼

Learn how to use astrology to empower, heal and connect

What do these 6 weeks look like?

During our first free call through Zoom (20 minutes) we’ll talk about what you’d like to learn and focus on. When our session is over I will send you a personal plan for the next 6 sessions. This will give you an idea of what each session will look like and what you can expect. 

The first 1 hour and 30 minute session we will be exploring your own birth chart from a business point of view and we will look at your desired focus points for the training.

Together we will look at what you and your clients need and we’ll make a more clear plan for the next sessions. 

After we made a plan we will follow up with 4 one hour sessions to dive deep into the charts and I will share my astrological wisdom and experience that I’ve had with clients and group sessions so we can get you ready to work with astrology. Every session will be a deep dive into a topic and you will have tie to ask questions during and after our calls.

You can also always reach me for extra support via email or Whatsapp during the 6 weeks we work together. 


The last 30 minute session we will integrate and there is time for all your questions. After these private astrology lessons you will have all the tools you need and you’ll be ready to share your knowledge with your clients in a confident and powerful way.

Lastly, I will also give you a final project that I will give you feedback on (via email). This project will be super personal so I can make sure you have it in you to use everything you’ve learned on your clients. This can anything like a moon meditation, to a plan for a ceremony or a 1:1 session where I’ll pretend to be your client and you show me my transits or point out things in my birth chart.


This can be anything we’ll agree on, and it will be fun too!

After this training you can:

  • host beautiful and meaningful moon ceremonies with your own rituals and program.

  • help and understand your clients on a deeper level

  • guide your clients with love and ask the RIGHT questions.

  • interpret every full and new moon by yourself (no more google or social media needed).

  • read a birth chart. Your own, your friends and strangers!

  • share your knowledge on your channels, news letter, in your circles or 1:1 sessions.
  • and whatever else you’d love to learn during this training.

Meet your teacher

My name is Josie and I’ve been working with astrology for 8 years now. It all started with my longing to understand myself and others on a deeper level. When I fell into this beautiful rabbit hole it brought me so much more than I anticipated. Astrology brings people together. It connects people, helps the healing process to self acceptance and stimulates empowerment. Everyone should know astrology.

There is so much to learn from the planets when you learn how to translate their teachings, and I would love to share this beautiful language with you.

You are your own astrologer!

embrace it.

Nope. Anyone with any level of knowledge is welcome. Even if you only know about sun signs ;).

Depending on your knowledge and preference, I will give you homework to help you understand astrology quicker and deeper. Expect writing exercises and studying different charts.

6-8 weeks, we’ll keep a pace that feels comfortable for you.

I practice Western astrology and use the Placidus system.

Depending on your knowledge and experience it is definitely possible to become an astrologer after this training! Even if you have no astrological knowledge or experience I will give you the tools to continue the path of becoming a pro astrologer. This training can either be the beginning or the final stage of you to go into the world and get amazing clients.

Yes, just email me at info(at)josieboog.com