Policy FAQ

Will I receive a replay of the session?


Yes, if you have opted for a session via Zoom, it will always be recorded and sent to you by email afterwards. You can also record the readings by telephone during live sessions so that you can always listen back.


Can I cancel my reading?


If you have opted for a written (PDF) reading, it is not possible to cancel it. If you have opted for a live session or a session via Zoom, you can cancel 48 hours in advance and get your purchase amount back.




If you are +20 minutes late for a session, the reading will be canceled and a refund is unfortunately not possible. If you are joining later within the first 20 minutes, the session will go on but the time will not be extended.


Astrology (and other forms of spirituality) can be very powerful, however they can never be seen as an alternative to a medical consultation. In case of serious problems, always consult a doctor.


All sales are final!