My tips for Oahu Hawaii

Hawaii was such a dream. It was one of the places that was high on my travel list and now I can happily say I’ve been to Hawaii, so cool. I think, no, I know it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. The nature is breathtaking. Today I am sharing my tips with you, we only visited the island Oahu so I unfortunately I can’t tell you anything about the other islands.. yet ;-).

First things first.

Oahu is kind of hard to explore without a car so I really recommend renting a car for at least a couple of days. Oahu is not a big island and it won’t take you a lot of time to go from place to place, I loved that. And even driving in the car, the views are still amazing.

Where to stay.

Where to stay in Oahu? We stayed at the Marriot hotel in Waikiki Beach. This hotel is very central and located right in front of the beach (my Instagram for the view). You can also get surf lessons in Waikiki Beach so if you are interested in getting lessons, I would recommend you to stay in Waikiki. But you can also find Airbnb’s anywhere on the Island.

Where to eat vegan in Oahu.

It’s pretty easy to eat vegan in Oahu, there’s a couple of cafe’s and restaurants that offer healthy and delicious vegan options. You can even find a Whole Foods on the Island. Here’s a list of my favourite vegan places in Oahu:

Peace Café

Peace café is a cute café that I found on Instagram located in Honolulu. I’ve tried the poke bowl and the avocado toast and they were both pretty good. They also have fresh juices, smoothies and a lot of other healthy options.


We went to the Banán food truck in Honolulu for some banana nice cream (I am a nice cream lover). It’s like, ice cream for breakfast, perfect with the warm weather. Loved it!

Arvo café

This café is located in the hip artsy district of Honolulu. I believe the owners of this café are Australian as they serve vegemite toast haha. We ordered 2 avo toasts and a chia pudding, which I both really loved. I would definitely come back, especially because there were a lot of cute next to Arvo.

What it Dough

Another food truck we went to. Me and my boyfriend both love pizza.. A LOT (especially him). We ordered 2 vegan pizza’s and they were perfect. I think this was the best vegan pizza I ever had, seriously. We wanted to go a second time on Sunday but unfortunately they were closed, so keep an eye on their website because the food truck is not always there.

Downbeat Diner and Lounge

Came to Downbeat Diner for the vegan hot buffalo chicken wings. So good. It’s not a cute restaurant (just typical diner/bar) but I think it would be fun with a group of friends and just order drinks and vegan junk food. 

The Beetbox Café

The beatbox café is another vegan café that offers smoothie bowls, salads and all kinds of bowls. Go here for a healthy lunch or breakfast to start your day. This café is located in the North of Oahu.

IMG_3883 IMG_3882

What to do in Oahu?

There’s a lot of  beaches and nature to explore in Oahu. You can find some really cool hikes when you go to Instagram and look for the hashtag #Oahuhikes. We explored around the Moana Falls and went to a few different beaches. My favourite was Nanakuli beach near the mermaid caves. We also went to the botanical gardens and to Lyon Arboretum, jurassic park vibes.

I really hope to come back to Hawaii, it was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Hopefully I get to explore the other islands <3. Are you planning to go to Hawaii? XX