My first e-book Life From A Bowl

Two years ago I went vegan. A choice I made with my heart and never regretted a single minute after I made it. It was too obvious for me; I love animals, I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle AND I want to do everything I could to become a better person for this planet we live on. I totally understand that this switch may not be as easy for other people as it was for me. Maybe that’s the reason I am not a ‘all in your face vegan’,  nazi vegans is what some people call them. I think that is a little extreme because a lot of vegans that are activists are doing a really good job. But I’ll have to agree, some of them are really aggressive and approaching people the wrong way. And that’s a shame.

With my e-book I want to reach people that are interested in trying veganism. I get it, veganism or a plant-based diet can be overwhelming at first. Especially when you have no idea where to start or… what to eat. I decided I wanted my recipes in the book to be simple, delicious and fun to make. I think my recipes are not just for vegans, they are for anyone who wants to enjoy nutritious and tasty meals that are plant based.

I worked really hard on this project because I wanted to create something from my heart. All the recipes in this book are my favourite recipes for spring and summer. Hours were spent cooking and trying in the kitchen and hours were spent brainstorming and editing. I have absolutely loved every minute of this and I really hope you all enjoy the meals as much as I do!

You can buy the e-book here (it’s only 5 Euros)