Moon in the houses of the Natal chart


The moon shows us when it’s full and when it’s new. We can easily track her by looking at the sky or keeping an eye on certain apps installed on our phones. But in the natal chart, the moon tells us how and where we feel most comfortable. In astrology the moon rules our emotions, motherhood and our private inner worlds. Where the sun shows us our outward focus, the moon shows us our inward focus. When we pay attention to this aspect and act accordingly, we can prevent burn out, bad mental health and increase a fulfilling and healthy personal life.


The houses in astrology


A lot of people are familiar with their sun sign and often also their moon sign. Our moon sign is simply based on the sign the moon was in when we were born. The moon changes signs every 2 to 3 days so it changes pretty quickly so a accurate time of birth is very important. To know your moon sign is to know how you express your feelings and also how fast or slow you share your true self with the world. Is it easy for you to open up and share more intimate things with your immediate environment pretty quick? Or do you rather stay safe and watch from a distance before you feel comfortable enough to share more of your personal preferences? Our moon signs can reveal these kinds of things.


But the houses in astrology also reveal a lot of significant information. The house your natal moon is in can tell you what area in life you emotionally thrive in. This house indicates where you want to feel secure and acknowledged at the same time. This is where you should never abandon yourself because the house placement of the moon shows us where we secretly need to express ourselves and honour our own needs.


Moon in the 1st house:

The moon in the first house can make you creative and sensitive. Sometimes these natives struggle with hiding their emotions. It may become very important for you to follow your instincts and intuition. With the moon in the first house you can be busy with your own dreams and fantasies and sometimes these people also have a dreamy or even otherworldly look. Other people may find it difficult to follow them, as someone with the moon in the first house can be quite impulsive.


However, with the moon in the first house it is important for these natives to be able to express their feelings. They want to be able to move and express yourself freely. People with the moon in the first house can react quickly, often with emotion and passion, and therefore others must learn to be patient with them, but the same applies the other way around.


Moon in the 2nd house

For people with the moon in the second house, feeling a secure and grounded may be very important. These natives like to understand what is going to happen and often do not like to be surprised. The moon in the second house of finances and values ​​indicates that they value their own environment and comfort. They can also attach more value to things and material things, because this can also provide a certain security.


People with the moon in their second house feel most emotionally stable when they have a sense that there is (financial) security. Your environment is important to you and you like to create an atmosphere for yourself with lots of harmony and tranquility. Income can be wobbly at times. On the one hand, you want to save so that you have security, and on the other hand, you may have periods when it is easier to spend more money. The lesson here is that money doesn’t have to be their only source of security.


Moon in the 3rd house:


The natal moon in the third house of communication, immediate environment and short trips ensures that this native enjoys gathering and sharing information. With the moon in the third house they may have the need for networking and they really want to continually acquire new knowledge. It may be that these people can best express themselves emotionally through writing, publishing and sharing their feelings in another creative way.


These people find communication very important in their intimate relationships and close friendships. They may reach out to you often to have a call or to share ideas. They like hearing different opinions on things and are often very curious about life in general. With the moon in the third house they mainly gather people around them from whom they can learn something or with whom they can have interesting conversations. It’s important for these people to feel challenged and stalemated in an intellectual way.


Moon in the 4th house:


People with their natal moon in the 4th house often feel most emotionally comfortable when they feel at home somewhere. This could be in a home or in a close relationship. With the moon in the fourth house these people can withdraw more when they are feeling emotional, they process their feelings privately.


People with the moon in the fourth house find it important to devote a large part of their lives to family or finding their home. Because commitment to family can be very strong, it can be difficult not to be connected to the people who are most important to them. These people do not feel good when they are isolated for a long time. They can take on a very nurturing role in various areas, but especially in relationships.



Moon in the 5th house:


The fifth house is the house of fun, hobbies, creativity, sex and romance. With the moon in the fifth house people want to have fun, they want to be able to live in the moment and enjoy every minute. The moon in the fifth house also indicates that these people are looking for a certain fulfilment: they want to be able to express themselves creatively. Natives with the moon in the fifth house need to be able to move freely and create new things all the time, otherwise they may feel like they are out of emotional balance. These people like to bring out the best in themselves and others, partly through the things they create and do.


Moon in the 6th house:


With the moon in the sixth house people may find it important to stay productive. These natives feel satisfied and calm when they know they are getting things done and completing to-do lists. This placement can sometimes cause them to obsess over routine and the work they do every day. On the other hand, when they are aware of this, it makes them content and productive. With the moon in the sixth house, health often plays a major role. Wellness, holistic (and practical) healing may be among their interests.


With the moon in the sixth house these natives can sometimes be shy and feel a need for appreciation, although they will not easily ask for this. This house also represents the house of service. People with the moon in the sixth house feel fulfilled and happy when they feel they can help others.


Moon in the 7th house:


The moon in the seventh house gives an importance to 1 on 1 relationships and partnerships. This indicates that these people feel most emotionally comfortable when they are part of a relationship, duo or collaboration. They feel good when they can take care of someone else or when they are taken care of. People with the moon in the seventh house want to be able to share everything with their partner in a relationship. This often indicates that they are dependent on someone else, or someone else is dependent on them. These natives are usually drawn to romantic ideas, creating art and making this more aesthetically pleasing.


Moon in the 8th house:


People with the moon in the eighth house are looking for a certain depth in their life, but also in your emotional world. They feel nice when they can fully express themselves and their emotions. This can sometimes be difficult for them because they do not always fully understand their own emotions. With the moon in the eighth house these people can be busy with research and psychology. Understanding others on a deeper level is quite important to them.


It may also be that these people were confronted with topics of the eighth house at an early age: death, rebirth, someone else’s finances and that it is therefore easier for them to talk about these topics as they get older.


Moon in the 9th house:


Having a  moon in the ninth house indicates that these people have a free spirit. They feel most emotionally comfortable when they are working on themselves and developing. The ninth house symbolizes long-distance travel, self-development, religion and education. People with their moon in the ninth house like to read and learn, they want to absorb a lot of information and have many different ambitions and interests.


These people may be attracted to distant lands and different languages ​​and cultures. They are not afraid of the unknown and may want to discover and experience a lot. We see the moon in the ninth house in people who like to discover and experience. These people are not quick to judge others and their curious nature can be an attractive trait that others appreciate in them.


Moon in the 10th house:

With the moon in the tenth house, these people feel emotionally comfortable when they feel appreciated for the work they do. This placement makes them sensitive and you may prefer to take on a nurturing role in terms of their career. These people often have a great sense of responsibility and enjoy taking care of others. The moon in the tenth house can also indicate that they  like to work from home or collaborate with family.


These natives find it important to use their feelings and/or creativity in their career. They want to be known as someone who is honest and does his or her job well. Maintaining a good reputation may be important to them.


Moon in the 11th house:


With the moon in the eleventh house, these people feel emotionally comfortable when they feel that they are bringing other people together and connecting them with each other. These natives need to make a mental connection with people and they feel comfortable when they have the feeling of creating a kind of family or community. Larger groups usually play an important role in their loves. However it can be very important for them to maintain their independence, they want to feel free and be able to express themselves freely.


Sharing their ideas, opinions and dreams with others who understand them on a deeper level can also be important to them. This can lead these natives with this placement to join associations or clubs to talk with like-minded people.


Moon in the 12th house:


The moon in the twelfth house can ensure that the people with this placement keep their emotions to themselves a little more. The twelfth house represents everything that is hidden, but the twelfth house also represents the subconscious, fears and mysticism. This often indicates that they need time for themselves more often so that you can recharge themselves emotionally. These people  really value privacy.


People with the moon in their twelfth house often create their own world, their own bubble. There is a strong need for security and that is why they are probably looking for a way to be vulnerable, but they often do not dare to show this to the outside world. A safe space is therefore something that can play a major role when it comes to showing their true emotions and needs. These people are often very intuitive and interested in the spiritual world.


Knowing your birth chart and understanding your personal placements can make a huge difference in your life. It can transform your self confidence and your relationships. If you to know how to benefit from your (hidden) talents and strengths, you can book a consultation here.