Money in the birth chart

Have you ever wondered what the best way to make money is? Or what kind of career is suitable for you? There is actually a lot to see in your birth chart when it comes to money and abundance. How exciting! Let’s explore money in the birth chart.

In your birth chart you can look at the following things:

The second house, the sixth house and the tenth house. These are all ‘earth’ houses. Let’s start with the second house: this house in your birth chart represents finances and values. It can show you how you look at money, how you earn money and whether it comes in easily or whether this can be a challenge. I will give an example: if you have your sun in the second house, it indicates that you like to earn money and that you enjoy being busy with material things. If you have Jupiter in the second house, the planet of success, abundance, growth and development, then that is of course a very positive thing. I know a few people with Jupiter in the second house and they always have money one way or another. It always comes in and they never really have to worry. Saturn, for example, has a completely different influence on the second house, which provides a bit more of a challenge. Saturn is the planet of limitations and restrictions, so in the second house Saturn can make you work a little harder for your money or take this area of life very seriously. Neptune in the second house could indicate that everything money related feels very foreign to you. Money could make you unsure but this can improve by working on your money mindset. We always use astrology to work with us, not against us.

The sixth house in the birth chart represents daily work, health and routine. But it can also show you how you can develop skills to make money. This is the house of the work that you like to do daily. It’s not the same as career because this doesn’t necessarily represent the work you would see yourself do forever. If you have Mars in the sixth house, you probably find it difficult to sit still. You will enjoy having a busy or active job. If your sixth house falls into the sign of cancer – you probably like a job where you can listen to others. Having meaningful connections and a family-like atmosphere at the workspace could be important to you. Or maybe you have Mercury in your sixth house – which will also indicate that you probably like to stay busy and active but especially mentally. Mercury reveals how we think and where we might come up with great ideas – so having a job that allows you be creative and a problem solver, would fit pretty perfectly with this placement.

Now moving on to the tenth house, the house of career and reputation. When your tenth house falls into Leo you might want to find a career where you can be the leader. You want to be able to cheer people on and gain some form of respect and admiration. Leo’s love being in the public eye but this doesn’t always mean you have to work on a stage or be a popstar, just look at Barack Obama. If you have Venus in the tenth house, you probably want a career that has something to do with the arts. Venus brings a need for creative expression and beauty when it comes to career. These are just a few basic examples of how to look at these houses, there is always a lot to uncover.

Sometimes learning about your birth chart brings some insecurities or talents to the forefront. We are often familiar with these qualities within ourselves but don’t always transform them so we can actually work with them. I think exploring your birth chart in this way is super useful when you are looking for a new job or are in need of a career switch.

I hope you learn something new about money in the birth chart. Want to learn about your own birth chart? Book a reading here.