Los Angeles diary #1

I cannot believe it’s already been a week without giving an update of my life in LA. Here’s what happened:

After a long day of traveling we finally landed in LA. We flew from Amsterdam to Manchester and from there to Los Angeles. It wasn’t the most comfortable flight, it was really cold, 2 drunks were sitting next to us and the flight got delayed. But, we made it! We get through customs and notice our baggage isn’t there. After so many hours of traveling the last thing you’ll want to hear is that your suitcases are probably still in Manchester. We fill in a form and call an uber to our first Airbnb. We get frustrated but we’re still SO excited to be in LA. Of course we pictured our first evening in Venice beach a little differently but we had to buy the essentials like underwear and a toothbrush. Around 23:00 it’s finally time to sleep.

The second day we spend most of the time hanging around at the Airbnb, trying to figure out where our baggage is. Later that day we bike to Santa Monica and get some coffee. We need our coffee to stay awake while being jetlagged.

After 4 days we get our stuff back. It was really frustrating to wait and not know where or when, so we were so happy to get our clothes back. We dress up and walk to Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach. We visit the Majestic Book Store and treat ourselves with vegan donuts, yum!
On another day we decide to go to the beach but our first stop that day is at In-N-Out. Of course we order some fries and a Dr Pepper. After that we bike back to our Airbnb, grab our snacks out of the fridge and put on our bathing suits.

It’s so good to be back at this beach! The top I am wearing is by Brandy Melville btw :-). The sunset was so beautiful and I can’t wait for the ones that I am yet to see.

Beauty I shot at the corners of Abbot Kinney.

An outfit shot! The thing I love most about Venice is all the different kind of buildings and architecture. You find magic at every corner and art on every street. It’s a really creative place and gives you lots of inspiration if you are mindful enough!

I don’t know if I told you but I am traveling with my friend Melanie and we just got to our second Airbnb where we will be spending the rest of our upcoming weeks, so excited to be here. Tomorrow we’re going to the beach again and Monday it’s time for some sightseeing and exploring. Probably West Hollywood or Silverlake. I hope you enjoy reading my LA diaries :-) XO