Life changes

life changes
It’s crazy how life can change huh? Sometimes it’s out of our own control to change the things (mostly people) around us. But lately I have been positively surprised with how my life is changing form. I dreamed of my own place, I have dreamed about having healthy relationships, I have dreamed about getting a new client, I have dreamed about more travel.. and everything has happened or is going to happen.. really soon. I am so, so grateful for everything, especially since last year has been one of the hardest years of my life. Everything changed when I started to write my book, I have been working on my book since september and all though this book is not easy for me to write, it feels very rewarding. As if it was meant for me to write this book.

After everything I’ve been through (you will read this in my book, and it’s not the most important right now), I still believe in the power of having a positive mindset. I think it’s very possible for a person to be depressed AND optimistic. Always try to look at the positive aspects without avoiding the negative ones, this is something I learned during my therapy sessions. Even when something horrible happens and this affects you very badly, you have become a survivor. You survived and you are a stronger person now. And with strength, there will be confidence and positive energy again. Yes, I believe positive energy brings you positive things. Little or big gifts from the universe.


What is something positive that happened to you recently? XOXO