How to relax during the colder months


The colder winter months can be pretty stressful: the end of the year, upcoming holidays, shorter days to get things done. I personally love the fall season, but when Christmas is over I already start longing for spring. Don’t get me wrong, I know some people love everything about winter, but me? No, it’s just not for me. My body isn’t so happy with the cold either. I have some issues with my skin, it just get’s really dry to the point where I scratch myself in my sleep and get little wounds (ouch). 

That’s why it’s extra important to take care of your body and mind during this period. The new year is approaching and I just want to feel GOOD. That means I want to stay active but also find the time to rest when it’s needed. Here are my tips on how to relax during the colder months:

Plan your relaxation hours. We often don’t feel like we ‘deserve’ to relax. Our society wants us to stay busy and get things done and that makes it hard for our brains to believe and accept it when we need rest. This is causing a lot of people some really serious health problems. The next time when you plan your week, fit some ‘me time’ in there. You DO deserve it.

When it get’s colder, we tend to get tight muscles because it’s harder for the body to hold more heat. I don’t like to get out when it’s cold outside but I do force myself to work-out and keep my muscles activated. Actually, now that I think about it, you don’t even have to go outside. I love practising yoga and I love to stretch at home but I also love to go to different classes. Muscles also love to be massaged from time to time, you can do it yourself or treat yourself to a spa day.


Herbs can help you to relax. Lavender is a popular flower that helps us to relax and to sleep better but there are so many more herbs that give us exactly that. Lemon balm, passionflower and chamomile are amazing too. These are some examples of herbs that can help you let go of tension. I love to put lavender essential oil in my oil diffuser, it seriously works wonders for me when I can’t sleep.

Plan more relaxing activities. Things I love to do that help me unwind: painting, drawing, listening to music, meditate, follow a yin yoga class, reading, watch a sweet movie, make candles, put on a sheet mask. These are just some ideas, just plan more things that you like to do that help you to relax and you will feel so much better.

A nice shower or bath can change my mood so drastically. Unfortunately I do not have a bath in my apartment but if I had one I would use lavender epsom salt, candles and a good book for a relaxing bath ritual at least evert week. You can also use essential oils in your shower, I really like eucalyptus. When I take a bath or a shower I visualise myself  washing all the stress away and when I step out of the shower I feel mentally clear, a great feeling.

What is your best tip to a relaxing night during the winter? XO