How to manifest your dream life

how to manifest your dream life

Knowing what you want will help you, believing in getting what you want will help the Universe help you (are you still following?). The universe will give you anything you want, but you have to believe it. You have to think about your dream life, talk about your dream life, write about it, sing about it, visualise it and live it! Connect with the universe and it will guide you to the life you have always dreamed about.

Don’t focus on the negatives. It’s very easy for our minds to go like “I wish I had this and this, BUTT..” or “I can’t have this because…”. When we already think we cannot do or attract something into our lives, we make it impossible for ourselves. When you are trying to manifest your dream life your “I can’t” should turn into “I can” and your “I wish” should turn into I “have/can/attract”. Manifestation is all about having the right positive thoughts and truly believe and feel them.

Surround yourself with positive people that work with the same mindset as you. Life becomes so much better when we surround ourselves with good souls that want the best for us. I personally believe in high and low vibrations and I have experienced so much bad stuff happening when I was with people that were vibrating on a low frequency and vice versa. Also, be the light yourself, to other people.

Connect on a deeper level with your own soul. You can start to connect with yourself through meditation, gratitude, learn how to really feel. Listening to your ‘body’ will help you to make better decisions, to make you feel more awake and get a stronger intuition. The better the connection with your soul is, the easier it will be to trust the universe.

Learn how to let go of the things that no longer serve you. Since I devoted my life to living with the cycle of the moon, I learned how to let go, breathe and start fresh. During my new moon rituals, I take the time to truly manifest the things I want in my life. Soon, I will share my rituals with you in a new post!

What do you do to create your dream life?