How to live a more spiritual life

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I feel like my life is in perfect flow right now, everything that is happening, needs to happen. I haven’t felt like this in a while and I think it was because I wasn’t living a spiritual life. I wasn’t trying to learn, heal and grow in that direction. Honestly, I know it’s not easy to create time for a spiritual life and I am sure a lot of people are not even a little bit of interested in living a spiritual life. As I’ve grown older, I noticed that a deeper relationship with myself and the universe is super important. For me personally, I feel like it helps me a lot with harder things in life. It also helps me to be more positive, have more energy and be more calm and collected. I have made a list of ‘spiritual tools’ that made my life so much better:

Sage. I have had sage in my home for a very long time but it wasn’t until a couple weeks ago that I have been starting to burn it every single day. It wakes me up and helps me to remind myself to take it easy in the morning. I burn my sage, eat breakfast and stretch. I have a whole different morning routine now and I love it.

Crystals. I use crystals for when I have anxiety and as a tool during my moon rituals. I collect the right stones and make a nice altar when I do my rituals (new moon and full moon). When I don’t use them, they serve as amazing decoration in my home.

Music. Recently I have made an amazing playlist that helps me to stay calm and to meditate with. I will share my playlist very soon and I hope it will be as helpful to you as it is to me.

Books. Is there any better way to learn about spiritual topics than by books? Endless knowledge was written down. I have made  an article about my favourite books. You should definitely check it out.

Journal. Writing in a journal helps you to become more self aware. The more self aware you become, the better you are with understanding your own (and others) emotions. It helps with becoming one with yourself and of course, with stress and dealing with emotions.

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On the photo’s I am wearing my Tobi white lace top and my .black lace-up mini skirt. I really hope you loved this article, let me know what you use as a tool?!

XOXO, Josie.