How to get rich and wealthy with Astrology


If you’ve always wondered how to make money with astrology, you’re not alone. Most people want a fulfilling career but also desire a lot of wealth. When people come to me for a consultation, we often look at these areas in the birth chart. I think having a successful career consists of two factors: working a fulfilling job and earning enough money to support the desired lifestyle. And this looks different for everyone, that’s why succes is personal and sometimes hard to define.


Now, it is possible to make (more) money with astrology. There are a few ways to look at it but today you’ll read more about the birth chart. Money can come into your life in different ways. Some marry rich, some are born rich and some create a concept that gets them from being broke to ultra rich. I personally believe that money is energy. The relationship we have with money often manifests into our money reality. But that’s a topic for another time.


Looking at the birth chart we can go through a few different things. If you really want to unlock your money magnetism, you have to consider the whole chart. This includes planets, houses, rulers and aspects. But if you only want to learn about the houses, I’ve already wrote an article about those and you can read about it here. So let’s go through all of the aspects together:


The second house


In the birth chart, the second house represents your money and personal assets. Planets in this house describe your relationship with money. Jupiter here might indicate someone who loves to spend money, Saturn here indicates someone who rather creates a budget or doesn’t like to be too indiscrete with money. Neptune here for example, shows someone who could be really confused by money. For them, money could be a foreign topic but if there is enough motivation to understand this, they could actually become very secure with their money mindset. It’s all about becoming aware and working with what you have. The second house basically shows you how you spend and keep money.


When looking at a house, we also want to look at the ruler of that house. Especially when a house is empty. So for example, if your second house falls into Capricorn, the ruler of that house is Saturn (because Capricorn rules Saturn). The house Saturn is in and the aspect it’s making, will also tell you more about the condition of the second house. Let’s say Saturn is well aspected in the ninth house, this could indicate that you will earn your money though studying higher knowledge. It can also mean that wealth will be achieved later in life since Saturn is a cold and slow planet. I know it gets complicated sometimes but this is why there are astrologers to help you out.


The eighth house


The eight house is known as the house of death and rebirth but also the house of shared resources and other people’s finances. This could be the money you inherit or the amount of money your partner owns.  Like I explained before, money doesn’t always come to us through our jobs: there are other ways to gain wealth and become rich. If you have a problematically aspected Mars in the eighth house, other people’s money could be a struggle for you (that you can learn to overcome in this lifetime). Maybe there is financial debt or you have to fight for an inherence. On the other hand, if you have benefic planets like a well aspected Venus or Jupiter in the eight house, this could indicate that you’ll marry a wealthy partner with a lot of money, material or estate. Sprinkle sprinkle.


I will give you another example of how specific and detailed a placement can be. Let’s say you have the Sun in the eight house in Aries. This could indicate that you love solving other people’s problems. Or that you love working with other people’s money. You could be a realtor, bookkeeper, a finance bro or have any career that has to do with assets that are not your own. With the Sun in Aries you will also have to be able to go through things faster than most people since Aries loves to get ahead and take on a leading position. Now for more details we can look at the ruler of the eight house, which in this case would be Mars. If Mars is placed in the third house of communication, this could mean that you would really benefit from having a big network. Working closely with people in your inner circle would give you the chance to put your energy and focus on their money.




This planet will show you how you attract money. Venus is a very sensual planet and always in her ‘feminine energy era’. So she doesn’t chase, she attracts. So to speak. Venus in Cancer will make you attract money with your intuitive, creative and emotional powers. Venus in Sagittarius will help you attract money with your story telling, passionate and adventurous side. With Venus, there has to be some sort of magnetism and when you own this, abundance will come your way because you can unlock this energy whenever you want: during business meetings, when on a date, when dancing on the street, during casting calls or during job interviews. This will work when you chose the career that works for you, not against you so keep that in mind as well.




I don’t believe money and wealth will come to you by sitting pretty in your room. Mars needs some action and will show you your motivation to earn money, to work and do other things to gain wealth. So whereas Venus is more of a ‘yin’ planet, Mars is definitely more of a ‘yang’ planet. Your Mars placement will show you how you earn and gain money and wealth. With Mars in Leo you will gain money by expressing yourself, by playing and dancing. Leo is all about being in the spotlight, so don’t wait for chances: create them. With Mars in Virgo, you will gain money by organising, restructuring and serving others. Virgo is about streamlining things and making sure everything goes as planned.


It’s very important to look at how these planets are aspected. The aspects (relationships planets have with each other) Venus and Mars have with other planets will tell you how to unlock the power of these placements. When Venus is in opposition to Saturn, it can become harder to express this sensuality and attractiveness because you might first have to learn how to not be too hard on yourself. There could be a blockage here on expressing your more sensual side. The same goes for Mars, if Mars is aspected negatively with Neptune, there could be issues with delusion. You may become too demanding, too careless or even too ‘out of touch with reality’ while doing business. This could even lead to dangerous situations. Again, always look at the whole chart so you can understand your gifts, powers and pitfalls.


When you understand these placements in your chart, it will become easier and easier to manifest money and gain the abundance you’ve dreamed of. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will become a billionaire, but it does mean it will be less difficult to recognise what succes means to you and what you can do to attain this. Remember that having a lot of money does not equal happiness. So before you dive into your astrological chart, ask yourself what succes, wealth and ‘being rich’ mean to you.


If you’re ready to understand and to unlock your money potential, just schedule a session with me here ;-).