How to calculate the solar return chart?

solar return

Will this be a year where you’ll focus on studying? Or will this be a year where you’ll work on your communication skills? Maybe this is a great year to study and wander from place to place. Who knows? Well, maybe it’s written in the stars. I’ve been working with the Solar Return chart for years now. The planets help me navigate each year and help me to make better decisions. You want to know how to calculate your own solar return chart?

I’ll tell you but before you start you have to know the basics of the solar return. What is a solar return to begin with? A Solar Return is literally the return of the sun. In this chart you find the map from birthday to birthday. You’re looking at with the sun in the exact spot where it was during its ‘birth’ position. The chart can help you understand what planets are supporting you and what you are able to work with. It shows your potential accomplishments and potential challenges. 

Personally, I do not pay attention to what signs the planets are in, but I do look at the houses. Especially the sun is an important factor in this chart. The sun in the solar return chart reveals where you can gain confidence and where you should focus on. Is the sun in the fourth house? That possibly means you want to establish yourself and get to know yourself and your emotions better. It could also mean you’ll ‘ground’ yourself. Maybe you’ll move into a better apartment or you’ll connect more with the culture of your family. When the solar return sun is placed in the eight house, this could be a emotionally difficult year. You could focus on understanding yourself on a deeper and more psychological way. Maybe you’ll talk to a therapist or come across people that will help you with this process.

Of course, the other planets play an important role too. The moon in the solar return chart reveals where you’ll find emotional balance this year. The house placement will tell you where you’ll find peace within yourself. For example, if the solar return moon is in the ninth house, you might find yourself feeling better when you’re studying or when you’re busy with self-development. Traveling too. When this year the moon is in the eleventh house, friendships of being a part of a community will be extra important to your well-being. So basically, the solar return chart can tell you a lot about what to expect from birthday to birthday.

If you’ve gotten curious about your own solar return chart, calculating it is super easy. All you need is your birth data and the internet. Click here to calculate your own solar return chart. Now of course, the chart looks very technical and you’re not supposed to read the chart like a birth chart. If you have no astrological knowledge or want to dive deeper into your year, I highly suggest you talk to a professional astrologer or buy some books about the solar return. 

Understanding the solar return has made my life so much easier. It brings me focus and helps me not to spend energy on the ‘wrong’ things. When Saturn is in my seventh house, I know I should be responsible and patient when it comes to one on one relationships and partnerships. There is no use in forcing and pushing things. Seeing certain placements in the solar return chart help me to but my energy into the things that do flow and also help me to be more alert. Jupiter in the second house can bring money but it can also suggest that money is too easily spent and could actually get you into trouble or overspending. Knowing your solar return chart can absolutely help you to make the best of your years!

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