How I find the perfect balance with work life

josie pierre rotterdam

The last couple of weeks of my life have been quite.. hectic. I’ve been going from place to place and I still feel like I need some time to settle into my new home. I’ve been living in Rotterdam since the end of december but I feel like I’ve been gone half of the time that I’ve moved here. I am super grateful to be spending so much time with my love in all these different cities; Paris, Los Angeles, Hawaii and we’ve visited New York last week. Los Angeles is also starting to feel like my second home. Even though I am super happy to be in a relationship, I am a person that loves structure and planning.

As a freelance creator I can tell you that I have zero structure in my week. This day I shoot for my Instagram and the other day I create content for one of the brands I work for. It changes every week and I have to plan everything very carefully. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job, even more I love to be my own boss but sometimes I miss having structure.

Most of the time I forget what day it is and I also forget to make plans for the weekends because usually I have a photoshoot planned or have too many other work related things to do. I do make time for my friends though, a lot of my friends have ‘odd’ jobs too so we can meet during the week and even help each other with work. Sometimes it’s just a quick photoshoot or having a coffee close to my place in the city. That’s one of the parts that I love the most about having colleagues as friends. I met so many loving and cool people through Instagram and my blog.

Being ‘spiritually active’ has helped me find my balance with work life. I do everything I can to make my home (and my office since I work from home) the most relaxed place I know. I burn sage and candles, I always keep the healthiest foods in the fridge, I make myself tea and write my affirmations. Recently I took the time to meditate between things on my to do list and I noticed it gives me so much more energy. I also love to play some meditation background music instead of my Spotify playlist that mostly consists of hip-hop and indie music (which is fine too, but not all the time).

I guess I have just been thinking a lot about finding balance the last couple of weeks. I try to plan as much as I can so the rest doesn’t have to be so stressful. Being spiritually active, planning my work-outs, eating healthy and getting a good night of sleep really helped me :-). I just wanted to share these thoughts with you.

Talk soon XX