Full moon DIY smudge stick workshop

Chrystene Newman (plant expert) and Josie Boog (Dutch astrologer) will be hosting a DIY smudge stick workshop to celebrate the full moon in Aries. Full moons are all about setting intentions, releasing negative beliefs or energy and coming together to celebrate the end of a cycle. 

After learning all about this specific full moon’s energy, Chrystene will guide you to help you make a beautiful and sustainable smudge stick. You will leave feeling inspired bringing home your own creation and ready to work with the moon on a deeper level.

Your host: Chrystene Newman

As an eco enthusiast and restoration biologist, Chrystene loves to share her knowledge and love for plants and flowers. As your host during this workshop, Chrystene will explain more about the plants you can use to create your own ‘smudge stick’.

Smudge sticks, or smoke cleansing wands, are bundles of flowers, herbs, and other botanics that we can light to cleanse a space, an item, ourselves or an energy. Smoke cleansing wands can be used during sacred spiritual practices. Unfortunately many of the smudge sticks you find in popular stores are often made with plants that are not harvested sustainably or with good intentions. Chrystene will be talking about amazing alternatives that will provide a more eco friendly and emotionally rewarding experience.

Your other host: Josie Boog

Josie Boog is a professional astrologer from the Netherlands. She has been studying the planets for years with a strong fascination for the moon.

The moon represents are emotional needs and Josie learned that with working with the full and new moon phases, you can really get to know yourself better. Living consciously with the moon helps you to understand your goals, wants and needs and with this information we can take the steps to create the lives we desire. 

During this workshop Josie will help you to really tap into the energy of the full moon in Aries; which is all about bringing balance into the relationship with yourself. Have you been doing too much by yourself lately or is it time to be a little bit selfish. Where do you hold yourself back? 

Let’s figure it out together by setting intentions, journaling, making the space for these thoughts and feelings and releasing the ones that no longer serve us. 

I am very excited to guide you on this beautiful day!

What's included?


– a guided meditation and intention setting

– journaling prompts

– your personal birth chart (printed)

– herbs, flowers and everything you want and need for your smudge stick

– a drink and snacks