Fall is here

fall moodboard


I’ve already been here for a week. A whole week, can you believe it? I went from cold and wet Holland weather to sunny bright days in LA. I am not mad about it. Even though I was kind of prepping for fall back home, it feels like I am back to summer in Los Angeles. Which is, of course, a good thing since I dislike cold and wet weather. If you haven’t noticed, I like to escape such circumstances. Anyway, I was biking my way through Lincoln Boulevard when I saw a sign saying “Fall is here”. Let me be honest,  I do get into the autumn spirit here on this part of the west coast. Yeah, everything in the stores is pumpkin spice flavoured and you basically see pumpkins and Halloween decorations everywhere but it’s not cold and wet like back home.

What I DO love about fall in LA is that I finally get to dress the way I’d like to during this season. I get to wear short skirts and shorts, minimal layers and light jackets or cardigans when it get’s a little bit chilly at night. You can imagine I brought a full suitcase with me for the next following weeks here, but I also left some room for if I want to do some shopping. And yes, I do have a small fall fashion wish list. I want some warmer toned clothes, I want to score a cute vintage skirt and I need some new white sneakers. I love the Nike Airmax because they are vegan!

Please let me know what’s on your fashion fall wish list! XO