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Bali retreat

September 2024 ONLY 6 SPOTS LEFT

Imagine breathtaking landscapes, meditation under the palm trees, life changing (astrology) classes, fresh coconuts, sound baths and a beautiful group of likeminded women: I am honoured to welcome you to ‘Back to Your Essence’ retreat. It’s a dream come to true to host a healing retreat to help you and other women come back to their true divine and authentic essence. Are you ready for this journey?

Back to Your Essence retreat


1:6 kundalini session @ Atelier Zen

May 24th 19:30 - 21:00

This loving Kundalini Reiki session will help you release or give your body what it needs. After signing up, you will receive a manual. Tea and some snacks, mats, pillows, blankets included.

The session will be in Dutch unless there’s an English speaking person present.

ūüďć Address: Oostzeedijk 108, unit 9

Moon meditation @ Faria Lifestyle

Every Thursday 19:30 - 20:30

Let’s unwind and connect to our highest selves together ¬†‚ú®

This Moon meditation class will leave you feel relaxed and inspired. This beautiful space at Faria Lifestyle is designed to celebrate your journey. Josie will check in with the energy of the Cosmos and channel a special meditation to charge you with positive energy. This reiki meditation is for you if you want to charge your mind, body and soul. 

The Class is in English. 

ūüďć Schiedamsedijk 71A, 3011 EK Rotterdam

Moon ceremonies

Are you ready to let go or write a new chapter?


Josie Boog hosts moon ceremonies that are designed to make you feel more in touch with yourself, your emotional needs and deepest longings.


All over the world the moon has played a big role in bringing people together to preform rituals and to feel a deeper sense of connection.

Today, Josie Boog hosts these ceremonies to align you with your greatest potential. These gatherings around the lunar cycle are a great way to make special memories and share a special moment with your friends and loved ones. 


Offerings include intention setting, meditation, manifestation exercises, journal prompts, high vibration energy healing or energy clearing.

Josie will bring all the tools you need for a beautiful private moon ceremony: flowers, music, incense, candles and crystals.


Together we will share, support, move, laugh, write and set intentions under a full or new moon. 

Book your private moon ceremony

Moon ceremonies are for everyone who want to feel a deeper connection with themselves. Sometimes this is just feeling more connected to the thoughts, sometimes it’s feeling more connected to a higher purpose. ¬†Moon ceremonies are for all ages, all genders, anyone who’s curious.

You can do group ceremonies in big groups. However, I host for groups with a maximum of 20 people. 

No, we can host moon ceremonies at anytime. Ideally 2 days before or 2 days after a full or new moon. I will always work with the sign the moon is in, so even when it’s not a full or new moon, we can still work with planetary energies.

If you want a moon ceremony at your home I will ask you to have a clean and clear space. We love doing moon ceremonies on the floor so make sure your guests will be comfortable with blankets, pillows or mats. We can either do the ceremony inside or outside, but it’s important to have a space where we won’t be interrupted. We can discuss this further during our first phone call.

Not really. Sometimes, especially during full moons, we can feel a bit more emotional. I suggest you take extra good care of yourself the days following the new or full moon. Eat well, exercise, write, sleep, rest etc.

Moon ceremonies take up to 3 – 4 hours. 3 hours for a group with a maximum of 6 and 4 hours with a maximum of 20 people. Of course I will take care of the whole program after we discussed your (special) needs and wishes for the ceremony. I will also bring candles, crystals, incense, music, journal prompts and a special gift for everyone who’s participating.

The moon ceremonies can be hosted anywhere as long as the location is provided by you. If you need any help with finding a location or studio you can rent, I am happy to help you find one.

Absolutely! I can also host during your event, birthday or bachelorette party.

The price of a moon ceremony with everything included starts at 300 euro for 6 people hosted in Rotterdam. If you want me to host in a different city for more people, I will send you a quotation without obligation. Feel free to schedule a call to discuss ideas!

There are a lot of benefits. First, it’s a unique and special touch to your event. Second, moon ceremonies help you to connect with yourself and others how you normally wouldn’t during a ‘usual night out’. A ceremony can help you elevate your energy, heighten your frequency and strengthen your relationships. You will leave the ceremony feeling lighter and empowered. This is a self-care on a really high level and I will make sure you feel taken care of.

Why during a new or full moon?



Josie has been working with the lunar cycle for over 7 years. The potency of a new or full moon can really help you to step into a higher frequency. Especially in group settings because together we are more powerful than one.


The new moon helps with new beginnings. This is a great part of the cycle that helps us to think about what we want to invite into our lives. Gathering around the new moon can be inspiring, stimulating and motivating to help you to align with the energy you need to take that big next step. This is a great moon phase for manifesting and intention setting.

The full moon is a great phase for releasing and letting go of things that no longer serve us. During this powerful phase we can feel emotionally heightened and this is a good moment for releasing. Gathering around a full moon can be beautiful and liberating. During a full moon ceremony we can focus on sharing, celebrating and rituals that help us to really let go.

You will feel lighter, supported, empowered and inspired after a moon ceremony.

Every new or full moon will have a different energy. Josie will carefully take all planetary energies into account and create a beautiful ceremony that fits the needs of your group. We will always schedule a call before Josie hosts your  ceremony.  

Why private?

During this work I’ve had the opportunity to work with some incredible famous people. When I had deeper conversations with these individuals I realised that they have very busy lives and careers and are therefore not always able to go to a yoga class, healing circle or retreat. Not only because they have a chaotic life that requires a lot of planning and flexibility, but also because with a high-profile, it can be a challenge to open up and be vulnerable when you are surrounded by strangers.

My key values in my work are discretion, safety and respect. 

Being able to support someone in the comfort of their own home may seem like a luxury to some, but for some people it’s a necessity. One that I happily provide. I want everyone to feel welcome and at ease in my presence so we can start the healing work together.¬†

What participants told me;

Cheryll de la Croix
Cheryll de la Croix
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Josie has a very nice soft and loving energy. As a host, she puts you at ease and makes you feel comfortable in her ceremonies. I always feel that there is room to be 100% myself and that is a very nice atmosphere that Josie creates. With her expertise, experience and a loving approach, she creates depth in various themes around astrology and self-development. She knows exactly how to find the right words that can help you both in clarifying your birth chart, but also in struggles or themes you encounter in life. She offers a listening ear and at the same time gives you the clarity you need to find your own insights and answers within yourself. That space is super valuable because it gives the opening to feel and experience for yourself which next steps you can take towards your own desires in life. She offers the nice support and tools to get to know yourself better and to develop yourself in a loving way.
Renee Jacky
Renee Jacky
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When it was my turn to organize an evening for our female networking group, I immediately thought of Josie. She hosted an astro workshop focused on our business side, called 'business in the birth chart'. Through Josie's preparations and clear explanations, even those who had zero knowledge of it found it super interesting. Josie got everyone involved with her calm energy and was able to answer all our burning questions. Josie made all the information given really digestible and easy for us and it was very special to see how many of us had an 'aha' moment where things fell into place. Highly recommended for friends, colleagues etc if you want to learn more about your own chart, plus just that extra information that Josie can give you.

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Meet your host

With a lot of life experience and healed trauma myself ‚Äď I will try my absolute best to hold a safe space for you. I spent a lot of time with a lot of different people during this work. From famous musicians, successful business (wo)men to soccer players and caregivers. I‚Äôve learnt that everybody who comes to me wants one or two things: personal evolution and peace of mind.

I’ll provide an anchor that will support you to connect to your greatest power and potential. Almost 4 years ago I started to work as a professional astrologer. I’ve followed different courses, webinars, read and wrote different books, interpreted over 500 natal charts. But, as an astrologer you’re a student for life and every time I sit down with a new client I learn something new. 

My sun in gemini helps me translate.
My moon in pisces helps me relate.
My Capricorn rising helps me to keep a clear overview.