Astrology course (naam 2023)

Are you a (future) coach, energy worker, facilitator, retreat host, meditation teacher or someone who'd like to really work with astrology?

Are you READY to embrace your inner mystic?!



Inside this program you will learn:


To use astrology correctly and speak it’s language fluently 

To bring more wisdom into your own authentic teachings


To feel more connected to the planets and use their wisdom with intention

Work with the moon and host your own moon ceremonies for clients and friends

To guide others to have a more purposeful mindset

Learn how to heal yourself and others through the language of astrology

Feel confident about sharing things about astrology online and inside your sessions

wat je leert:

1. hoofdstuk 1

2. receive

3. clarity

4. balance

5. healing

What you will learn within 3-6 months:

wat is included;

Who is this course is for:

People who want to WORK with astrology but don’t necessarily want to become professional astrologers

Teachers, coaches and guides who like to use astrology in their work

Everyone who likes to understand astrology in a practical way

People who want to work with astrology but find everything overwhelming

Understand the moon phases and want to be able to interpreter full and new moons

What is inside of this course:


What do you get:

Video content to learn in chapters

A cheat sheet for using astrology

A book of rituals to use, my fav astro books, tools and resources

2 examples of free meditations for astrological seasons

+15 video astrology classes that you can follow at your own pace

You will have email support during and 12 months after signing up

a community of entrepreneurial mystic leaders to connect and share ideas with

so much higher wisdom + a netwerk to help each other grow

Moon ceremony

Moon ceremonies are for everyone who want to feel a deeper connection with themselves. Sometimes this is just feeling more connected to the thoughts, sometimes it’s feeling more connected to a higher purpose.  Moon ceremonies are for all ages, all genders, anyone who’s curious.

You can do group ceremonies in big groups. However, I host for groups with a maximum of 20 people. 

No, we can host moon ceremonies at anytime. Ideally 2 days before or 2 days after a full or new moon. I will always work with the sign the moon is in, so even when it’s not a full or new moon, we can still work with planetary energies.

If you want a moon ceremony at your home I will ask you to have a clean and clear space. We love doing moon ceremonies on the floor so make sure your guests will be comfortable with blankets, pillows or mats. We can either do the ceremony inside or outside, but it’s important to have a space where we won’t be interrupted. We can discuss this further during our first phone call.

Not really. Sometimes, especially during full moons, we can feel a bit more emotional. I suggest you take extra good care of yourself the days following the new or full moon. Eat well, exercise, write, sleep, rest etc.

Moon ceremonies take up to 3 – 4 hours. 3 hours for a group with a maximum of 6 and 4 hours with a maximum of 20 people. Of course I will take care of the whole program after we discussed your (special) needs and wishes for the ceremony. I will also bring candles, crystals, incense, music, journal prompts and a special gift for everyone who’s participating.

The moon ceremonies can be hosted anywhere as long as the location is provided by you. If you need any help with finding a location or studio you can rent, I am happy to help you find one.

Absolutely! I can also host during your event, birthday or bachelorette party.

The price of a moon ceremony with everything included starts at 300 euro for 6 a maximum of people, hosted in Rotterdam. If you want me to host in a different city for more people, I will send you a quotation without obligation. Feel free to schedule a call to discuss ideas!

There are a lot of benefits. First, it’s a unique and special touch to your event. Second, moon ceremonies help you to connect with yourself and others how you normally wouldn’t during a ‘usual night out’. A ceremony can help you elevate your energy, heighten your frequency and strengthen your relationships. You will leave the ceremony feeling lighter and empowered. This is a self-care on a really high level and I will make sure you feel taken care of.

And would you like to be able to...

  • Understand your own and your clients birth chart better so you can not only unlock your own potential but also your clients. Together you will be able to put pieces together to embrace greatness.

  • Interpret the energies of the new of full moon yourself, no more need for Google or astrology accounts on social media. You are the expert and clients will come to you for advice!

  • Give your clients advice based on the lunar cycle and transits to help them tackle challenges they are experiencing. You’ll be able to validate what they are going though based on a chart.

  • Help your clients understand their own placements to ease the healing process.

  • Host your own beautiful moon ceremonies with your own rituals based on the lunar or planetary energies. You will know what’s needed and suitable just by looking at the transits. This will definitely wow your clients because you know what you’re talking about!