About Josie Boog,​

Astrologer, author, modern mystic, supporter of self-love and acceptance.  Josie effortlessly combines her love of spirituality with a touch of humor and down-to-earthness. 


I can help you with my astrological knowledge to unlock  your potential and your strengths. By understanding your natal chart you can break free from limiting beliefs. Past experiences show us that everyone unconsciously keeps themselves small. Just think about it: who would you be like if you would show up as yourself completely?


I have always admired astrology. As I got older, I got more into it. I did that because I had a desire to understand myself better, because I know that life isn’t always a walk in the park. It brought me so many insights. As I started to share more, I noticed that many people around me also became very curious. I wanted to help them with what I’ve learned so I started to dedicate myself to this higher knowledge and I will keep studying and practicing astrology on a professional level.

A little more,​

As a typical gemini I have a lot of interests and it’s hard for me to sit still. In 2014 I graduated as a graphic designer and in 2015 I got my diploma as a make-up artist at Mieke Petiet. In the meantime my curiosity in astrology grew bigger and bigger. I started to take it more seriously and couldn’t stop reading about different natal chart placements. Learning more about the birth chart opened a whole new world that I needed to explore.

Almost 4 years ago I started to work as a professional astrologer. I’ve followed different courses, webinars, read and wrote different books, interpreted over 500 natal charts. But, as an astrologer you’re a student for life and every time I sit down with a new client I learn something new. 

My sun in gemini helps me translate.
My moon in pisces helps me relate.
My Capricorn rising helps me to keep a clear overview.