Details of my new home

mary josie home 3
I’ve been busy moving for the last couple of days and now I am finally settled in my new place. I can’t tell you how bad I wanted to live here and now I do, it’s crazy. I’ve been dreaming about having my place for a longer time but I didn’t have the money to travel AND to get my own place, so I choose to do some travel first. Now I have some amazing memories that I take everywhere I go.

Anyway, you can imagine my place is not anywhere close to being finished. I can’t get enough of Pinterest right now, haha. Even though I still have a lot of things I want to change (can’t wait to hit the vintage markets), it already feels like my home. Here’s some pictures of the details of my new home. I will absolutely do a house tour when I decorated a little more:
mary josie home 2mary josie homemary josie 4
mary josie home 5

What do you think?