Cosmic Mastery

Are you ready to open a new portal?

your expansion begins here.

We need you to be your most authentic self in the spiritual industry. Coaches, energy workers, facilitators, retreat hosts, yoga and meditation teachers. This is YOUR year.


Girl, I don't want you to struggle. You should be living your best abundant, free and joyous life.

Be honest, are you:

  • struggling with showing up as your most authentic self online and offline?

  • ready to step into your leader and teacher role, but have no idea how?

  • feeling the call to use astrology but find everything and everyone so overwhelming?

  • missing the community and support to make your business flourish? Where are all the like minded people who want to grow as much as you do?

  • having a hard time taking the time for your much needed self-care and me-time?

  • continuously working hard on your dreams BUT also on the verge of burning out?

That's not a way to live...

Mystical woman. Are you ready for expansion?

Astrology is becoming more and more popular and for good reasons. This higher knowledge is the tool to healing, deeper understanding, expansion and soul’s growth. In Cosmic Mastery you will learn how to use astrology the RIGHT way.

I found my soul’s purpose through astrology and with this came so much abundance, fulfilment and an amazing feeling of alignment. I am here to share everything I’ve learned with you.

I spent hours and hours with old astrology books, devouring podcast after podcast.  
But you don’t have to do all that.

You really don’t have to study for years or become a professional astrologer to work with this amazing tool. Astrology’s teachings can help you to become a better coach, teacher, healer or human being in general.

I am so excited to start this journey together with you.

There is room for your own process. Whether you are a beginner or someone with a fundamental base, you are welcome to schedule a free call or dive head first. Let’s do this together and get you where you want to be.

But wait, there's more:

Cosmic Mastery will help you reach new HIGH levels in your life and business.

Understanding astrology will transform you AND your business forever.

Your 6 month journey begins here:


Sagittarius season "the beginning"

From March 20 you will have access to:

Warm welcome to Cosmic Mastery – I will show you how you navigate through this program

Powerful dream career visualisation

Learn about the history of astrology and different systems you can use before we dive deep into this cosmic world together

Zoom group call: opening ceremony to meet all the amazing women (and have the unique opportunity to network, practice and share tips etc)


Capricorn season "the foundation"

From April 19 you will have access to:


Learning the basics of astrology during Taurus season. We’ll start with the signs, modalities, elements etc


A long journey with the planets: understanding our needs and life lessons.


Interpreting the houses + the importance of points


Beauty is in the details: the aspects


Bringing it all together: making sense of your personal natal chart (and those of others)


Aquarius season "the motion"

From May 20 you will have access to:

How to do a reading (communication is key)

Become a pro: understanding transits

Seasons and rituals in your business: make astrology work for you

Empowerment meditation to reprogram yourself for receiving succes

Zoom group call: Q&A to ask all your burning questions


Pisces season "the mystical"

From June 20 you will have access to:


Unlocking your soul’s (business) purpose with the Lunar Nodes


Healing wounds with Chiron and becoming a leader in your field

Become the expert: The significance of full moons, new moons and eclipses


Using spiritual astrology to unlock your highest potential 

Bonus: sound healing voice activation to find your true business (tone of) voice by sound healer and mentor Cheryll de la Croix

Aries season "the spotlight"

From July 22 you will have access to:

Stepping into your light: meditation activation

Understanding your business in the birth chart

Reaching the MC. Your reputation: online social media presence

Higher self and higher business closing meditation

Bonus: Authentic branding with your birth chart by Astrologer and photographer Sabine Metz


Zoom group call: Q&A and the importance of collaboration, community and network.

Taurus season "Your turn"

The fun of perfect timing: this is how you launch


Reach high levels of abundance: mastering money and pricing


Abundant affirmation meditation

Bonus: Welcoming your perfect clients


Bonus: The moon and avoiding
burn-out: taking care of yourself and your business

Bonus: special guest!

*all tools, guides, PDFs etc included each month

You will end your journey with a personal assignment that I will give feedback to so you can share your new knowledge with confidence 🦋

This is for you if...

  • You are a teacher, coach, spiritual mentor, facilitator, reader, medium or practitioner
    (already or to be)
  • You know you are ready for that next chapter in your life AND business

Why astrology?

  • Not only will you get a deeper and better understanding of the self – you will also understand your clients, loved ones, your business and the timing of certain events.

  • You will be able to use the beauty of astrology in your own business – whether you are a teacher or a coach. Believe me: the options are endless.

  • You can get so creative and astrology is becoming more popular than ever so this is a great time to start learning.

  • You will understand your own purpose and direction but will also be able to help others with theirs.

  • Interpret every full and new moon by yourself (no more google or social media needed. (They’ll need you).

  • Read a birth chart. Your own, your friends and clients!

  • Share your new knowledge on your channels, newsletter, podcast and during your circles, retreats or 1:1 sessions.

A message from me, to you.

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This is for the woman who:

Is a seeker. She is constantly searching for depth in her life, looking for the truths and wisdom of the Universe.

Knows she is worth it. She is ready for succes and expansion in her business.
Ready to discover her true essence and authenticity. She is ready to teach other people and clients about their unique placements.


Is longing for a stable community with other teachers, healers and coaches all over the world. Imagine the collaboration that are able to flow from your participation and saying ‘yes’. You don’t have to do this alone babe.

Is ready to step into her leading role and to co-create with the teachings of astrology.

Who craves more flow and ease. A balance between the Yin and the Yang.

Wishes to heal wounds through astrology and become the highest expression of the wounded healer: Chiron.


Feels she is ready to become part of a new wave of Mystical women in business.

What does this feel like to you?

Visualise with me: 2025 IS the year where you really embody your higher self

After this 6 month journey you can:

  • host beautiful and meaningful moon ceremonies with your own rituals and program.

  • help and understand your clients on a deeper level.

  • Guide your clients with love and ask the RIGHT questions.

  • Fully surrender to the astrological seasons and create more flow in your business and private life.

  • Start to heal wounds around the fear of being seen, money, receiving and so much more.

  • Embody the leader within you who you’ve dreamed of being. It’s time you show her to the world!
  • Attract the right customers by using your authentic voice and understanding your own birth chart and energy.

Sign up, and you will have immediate access to:

So who am I?

My name is Josie and I’ve been working with astrology for 8 years now. It all started with my longing to understand myself and others on a deeper level. When I fell into this beautiful rabbit hole it brought me so much more than I anticipated. Astrology brings people together. It connects people, helps the healing process to self acceptance and stimulates empowerment. Everyone should know astrology.

There is so much to learn from the planets when you learn how to translate their teachings, and I would love to share this beautiful language with you.

Astrology changed my perspective, helped me break patterns and accept myself fully and completely. Outside of the inside succes, thanks to astrology I was also able to help hundreds of people, publish 3 books and continue a purposeful career, doing what I love the most.

I’ve created Cosmic Mastery because I struggled and failed in business so you don’t have to. In 2015 I started my own business and slowly created my personal brand. Now, in 2024 I launched successful programs, taught classes and grew a beautiful and loving community that gave me freedom and stability. Doing something you LOVE with purpose is so important.

I am here to hold your hand and share with you all that can help you to fully expand and share your own business in the most authentic and sustainable way.


Let's master the Cosmic wisdom inside and outside of ourselves

This is who you are

an ambitious woman with a deep longing to expand in all levels of her life

someone who wants to create more impact and knows deep down she is meant to do greater things, reach more people

Mystical, spiritual, driven, unique and creative with a strong message to share with the world and your community

wants to learn astrology and use it to help reach succes and deeply help your clients


you're overwhelmed by all your ideas and don't know where to start

you haven't unlocked your 'key' to succes and have a hard time cultivating your tone of voice, your message etc

you're stuck and have no idea how to attract your dream customers.

you've tried to begin with astrology but it's too much and too overwhelming.

Unleash your mystical side, it's time.

embrace it.

Nope. Anyone with any level of knowledge is welcome. Even if you only know about sun signs ;).

Cosmic Mastery is a program that guides you step by step within a timeframe of 5-6 months. Every new astrological season, new videos and tools will be released. This is so that we don’t get overwhelmed by all the information and can integrate what we’ve learned (let’s balance this yin and yang energy ;)).

I practice Western astrology and use the Placidus system. But feel free to use any house system that works for you. Don’t be afraid to explore ;).

Depending on your knowledge and experience it is definitely possible to become an astrologer after this program! Even if you have no astrological knowledge or experience in this moment. I will give you the tools to continue the path of becoming a pro astrologer if this is in your heart. This program can either be the beginning or the final stage for you to go into the world and get amazing clients.

Yes! It’s possible to pay in 2 or 6 instalments. 

After payment is completed, you will have access to the program for 1 year. Refunds are not possible. To find out if Cosmic Mastery is right for you and your needs, you can plan a free discovery call.

These coaches worked with me before you

RuthBreathwork coach
Read More
First of all I would like to thank you for the wonderful 6 week program. I really enjoyed sitting with you every morning and learning from you. I have been following you since 2019 and I really wanted to work with you back then and 3 years later I got the chance. Your knowledge, your presence, the PDFs received and your book recommendations are on point! Unfortunately, 6 weeks went far too quickly. But like I said before you are my favorite Astrologer 🌙 I wish you the best of luck with the other students who will come out of your journey just as richly as I did.
Anne-fleur van Ierlant
Anne-fleur van Ierlantcoach
Read More
These 6 weeks with Josie were exactly what I needed to learn about Astrology at an enjoyable pace. She taught me everything I wanted to know. Josie is super patient and understanding and therefore a very good teacher. She explains everything very clearly and answers all your questions (even outside of class). Once you have finished these 6 weeks of lessons from Josie, you can apply Astrology in your own life/business with great confidence. For me it really isn't over yet, because I just want to learn more now :) Thank you dear Josie, for letting the astrological flame in me grow into a big, warm bonfire.
Lisa Ninaholistic coach
Read More
I am extremely grateful for the past 6 weeks and I have really learned a lot in a short period of time. Josie has a very nice energy and she explains everything well. I also really liked that she was always ready to answer questions and that I received everything as a nice handout. The personal attention allowed me to really focus on what I wanted to learn and Josie guided me well in this. In addition to what she taught me during the sessions, she also gave me many tools to continue working with astrology myself. I can't wait to start using astrology!
Read More
Dear Josie, thank you for this wonderful journey through the wonderful world of astrology. You have taught me so much in a short time, made me even more enthusiastic and boosted my self-confidence. I experienced the sessions as super educational and also very enjoyable and your book has strengthened my knowledge even more. You have been more than committed and I really appreciate your support. I am grateful that I got to know you and I am sure that you will make many more people happy🤍
Read More
Josie is a great astrologer. I found it incredibly valuable to learn the first tricks of the trade from her. She has so much knowledge and shares it with so much love & enthusiasm. She totally infected me, haha! The theory makes the sessions very practical and applicable, so you can get started right away with minimal knowledge. This bit of awareness is such a wonderful addition to my life, and even to my business. Thank you Josie! 🙏🏼

"Astrology changed my life, I want everyone to learn this in a practical and spiritual way" - Josie Boog

Summing it all up for you:

  • Next level meditations and visualisations by meditation teacher Josie to create your dream career.

  • In depth astrology lessons (expect one hour videos on each subject).

  • Amazing guest experts to get you even more ready to become your most authentic self in business.

  • A well curated content library of your dreams with all the classes, tools and guides that will help bring abundance and a deeper understanding of the cosmic wisdom.

  • Group calls to help you navigate Cosmic Mastery and to integrate everything you’re learning.

  • A beautiful community of like-minded students: coaches, teachers and healers just like you. You will be able to talk about astrology and business. 

  • Josie’s best secrets, tips and tricks to grow as a person and in your (spiritual) business.

Cosmic Mastery will help you grow and heal. Let’s do this together.

Your investment: €2399

Payment plan available: 2 or 6 instalments