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Money in the birth chart

Have you ever wondered what the best way to make money is? Or what kind of career is suitable for you? There is actually a lot to see in your birth chart when it comes to money and abundance. How exciting! Let’s explore money in the birth chart. In your birth chart you can look at the following things: The second house, the sixth house and the tenth house. These are all ‘earth’ houses. Let’s start with the second house: this house in your birth chart represents finances and values. It can show you how you look at money, how

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Working with the moon phases

I remember very well that a few years ago, I felt stuck. I think everyone will find a point in their lives where they ask themselves “is this everything?”. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy or burned-out, I just felt like some big part of my life was missing and I couldn’t figure out what that missing piece was. Of course we all long for that perfect relationship, that amazing job, a dream apartment. But I knew that that wasn’t what I was missing. I’ve always found the paranormal and spiritual world fascinating. As a ten year old I was using Google

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solar return

How to calculate the solar return chart?

Will this be a year where you’ll focus on studying? Or will this be a year where you’ll work on your communication skills? Maybe this is a great year to study and wander from place to place. Who knows? Well, maybe it’s written in the stars. I’ve been working with the Solar Return chart for years now. The planets help me navigate each year and help me to make better decisions. You want to know how to calculate your own solar return chart? I’ll tell you but before you start you have to know the basics of the solar return.

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Astrology is healing, here is why

When I first got into astrology, I had no idea that it would become such a healing factor in my life. At the age of 13 I read weekly horoscopes in the back of a magazine my sister was subscribed to. I loved reading them but of course I had no idea about the complexity of astrology when I was that young, I didn’t grow up with family that had any interest in professional astrology. A few years later I found a blog about astrology and it grabbed my attention again. I think from that moment, I became obsessed. I

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Venus in cancer

Venus in Cancer natal. If you have Venus in Cancer in the natal chart, in a relationship you may need a partner who understands and respects your sensitivity.  With this placement you need to create strong emotional boundaries because you have to be able to withdraw into your own space. A stable ‘base’ and security is extra important to people with Venus in Cancer. Cancer is all about comfort and emotions and if you have this placement it could also be something that is needed in your intimate relationships. One of the most important things for you is to feel

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The lunar Nodes in astrology

As an astrologer, I secretly have one subject within astrology that always gets me excited: the lunar nodes. Or also known as: the North Node and South Node. The moon’s nodes are like the Yin Yang symbol, creating the perfect balance. What the lunar nodes reveal in our birth chart is where we need to create balance. If you are curious about your life lessons, take a look at your lunar nodes in your birth chart. The South Node reveals your comfort zone. The placement of the South Node tells something about your talents and the things you are naturally

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