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Is the Lion’s gate portal a spiritual scam?

  I remember te first time reading about the Lion’s gate portal. It was in 2018 and it immediately got my attention. The name alone got me curious, especially during Leo season. More and more people started to post about this life changing portal that would make all my dreams come true. Of course I was intrigued, to say the least. Apparently the Lion’s gate portal would open up on August 8th, so I had to be quick and get all my manifestation tools to set intentions on this spiritual holiday.   As someone who has been a professional astrologer

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What happens during Leo season…

  As an astrologer I love to live my life according to the Astrological seasons. It brings balance and structure to my life and with my ‘gemini brain’ and Capricorn ascendant, I love those things.  A lot of people talk about ‘Leo season’ or ‘Capricorn season’ and they tell it’s their season because their birthday’s are celebrated during that season. But, what is Leo season really about? What happens during Leo season?   First things first: we have a season for every sign, every year. This is because the sun takes a year to move through all the signs where

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The Nodal Shift: The North Node moves into Aries and the South Node into Libra

A very significant shift happens on July 17, when the Lunar Nodes shift signs after being in Taurus and Scorpio for 18 months. This astrological transit will change the way we view our own independence and teaches us how we may take risks and lead with confidence. Are you ready to show the world who you truly are without the fear of being unlikeable?   What the lunar nodes reveal in our birth chart is where we need to create balance. If you are curious about your life lessons, take a look at your lunar nodes (aka the North Node and

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What to expect during Venus Retrograde in Leo

This summer we’ll deal with Venus Retrograde in the fiery sign of Leo. Retrogrades are often feared and sometimes even used on social media to sow fear and gain shares and likes. But what is Venus Retrograde really here for? What is the planet of love and beauty, trying to tell us? Venus is the planet of love, of aesthetics and art. In your birth chart this planet shows you how you give and receive love. Venus also shows you what kind of things you like to indulge in and how you like to spend your money. So Venus plays

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Money in the birth chart

Have you ever wondered what the best way to make money is? Or what kind of career is suitable for you? There is actually a lot to see in your birth chart when it comes to money and abundance. How exciting! Let’s explore money in the birth chart. In your birth chart you can look at the following things: The second house, the sixth house and the tenth house. These are all ‘earth’ houses. Let’s start with the second house: this house in your birth chart represents finances and values. It can show you how you look at money, how

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Working with the moon phases

I remember very well that a few years ago, I felt stuck. I think everyone will find a point in their lives where they ask themselves “is this everything?”. I wasn’t necessarily unhappy or burned-out, I just felt like some big part of my life was missing and I couldn’t figure out what that missing piece was. Of course we all long for that perfect relationship, that amazing job, a dream apartment. But I knew that that wasn’t what I was missing. I’ve always found the paranormal and spiritual world fascinating. As a ten year old I was using Google

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