Astrology is healing, here is why

When I first got into astrology, I had no idea that it would become such a healing factor in my life. At the age of 13 I read weekly horoscopes in the back of a magazine my sister was subscribed to. I loved reading them but of course I had no idea about the complexity of astrology when I was that young, I didn’t grow up with family that had any interest in professional astrology. A few years later I found a blog about astrology and it grabbed my attention again. I think from that moment, I became obsessed. I started to read more books about my sun sign and later I found a blog that focussed on the houses and planets. I was overwhelmed when I realised how complex and multidimensional astrology actually was. There was a whole world outside of the weekly horoscopes and sun signs!

I remember going to bed reading about astrology until early in the morning. My fascination beat the overwhelm and I started to take it more seriously. When I first discovered my birth chart, a lot of things fell into place. The way I am or how I was, started to make sense. Something that I’ve always struggled with is self perception. Studying astrology gave me more self-acceptance and confidence than anything has ever given me. I didn’t need anyone to tell me what or who I was anymore. Now I knew, thanks to the planets. I felt a relief and a stronger sense of self because everything I read in my chart, made complete sense to me. The good things and the complicated stuff. 

When we think about healing and astrology mixed together, the first thing you think about is probably a full moon gathering. All around the world we’ve celebrated the moon and her healing powers. For example: Moon bathing was an ancient Indian practice that involved going outside and standing or laying under the moonlight. Believing it would help heal the body. In China (and other Asian counties) they celebrate the moon during a moon festival, also known as mid-Autumn festival. On this special day families come together to worship the full moon and thank her for the harvest.  The moon was and still is worshipped in different ancient cultures. In Astrology the moon rules emotions, the divine feminine and the mother. In Native American cultures, some natives call the moon ‘grandmother moon’. But why is the moon so healing?

Whether you are aware of it or not, the moon brings up what needs to come to light within ourselves. Whether that is the awareness of energy you should use on a creative project or the awareness of negative thoughts that no longer serve you. As she is responsible for the tides, I believe she is also responsible for our emotions. When the moon is full, we can collectively feel more tense, emotional or sensitive. It is not a coincidence that there are more accidents on and around the full moon. If we all become more aware of the energy the moon brings, we could all heal so much. This is because we would take more time to listen to our feelings and would let go of negativity around full moons. Even though the moon and astrology generally are becoming more populair, a lot of people still live without this awareness and miss out on the opportunity to live more peacefully. 

I don’t think you have to understand or even really believe in astrology to work together with it. You can just experience what kind of effect the moon phases have on you. It truly is all about becoming more conscious. I always tell people that that’s the most important factor of healing: becoming conscious. When you are becoming more aware of your bodily reactions, your thoughts, your feelings, your emotional needs, this is when healing can truly begin. It’s when you honour the yin energy, you’ll start to really listen to your body and spirit. Since the moon rules our emotions, our emotional needs and intuition – working with the moon can be a great start of a spiritual awakening and more balanced and happy life. 

If you want to work with the moon, you really do not need crystals, smoke wands, expensive essential oils. Even though these are amazing tools that could support you a lot during a ritual or meditation, they are not essential. All we need when working with the moon, is the ability to go within ourselves. When we allow ourselves to go deeper by really sitting with our emotions, you’re already doing it. You’re already working with the moon. Because whether she is full or hidden, she is always there helping you to connect to your intuition and emotions.

I suggest you give it a try! ;-)