Let me introduce myself

Astrologer, author, meditation teacher and ceremony host.  Josie effortlessly combines her love of spirituality with a touch of humor and down-to-earthness. 


I can help you with my astrological knowledge to unlock  your potential and your strengths. By understanding your natal chart you can break free from limiting beliefs. Past experiences show us that we often unconsciously keep ourselves small. Just think about it: ho would you be if you got rid of all the blockages in your life?


I have always admired astrology. As I got older, I got more into it. I did that because I had a desire to understand myself better, because I know that life isn’t always a walk in the park. It brought me so many insights. As I started to share more, I noticed that many people around me also became very curious.


I wanted to help them with what I’ve learned so I decided to dedicate myself to this higher knowledge and I will keep studying and practicing astrology on a professional level.

I hear you

Working 1:1 with an astrologer or space-holder can get quite intimate. There needs to be a sense of trust. I always tell clients: finding an astrologer, sometimes can feel like finding a right doctor or practitioner. You want to feel comfortable, safe, heard and seen.


With a lot of life experience and healed trauma myself – I will try my absolute best to hold a safe space for you. I spent a lot of time with a lot of different people during this work. From famous musicians and actors, successful business (wo)men to pro athletes and caregivers. I’ve learnt that everybody who comes to me wants one or two things: personal evolution through healing and acknowledgement and a peace of mind.


I’ll provide an anchor that will support you to connect to your greatest power and potential while also giving you the space you deserve and need.

Working with me

As a typical gemini I have a lot of interests and it’s hard for me to sit still. In 2014 I graduated as a graphic designer and in 2015 I got my diploma as a make-up artist at Mieke Petiet. In the meantime my curiosity in astrology grew bigger and bigger. I started to take it more seriously and couldn’t stop reading about different natal chart placements. Learning more about the birth chart opened a whole new world that I needed to explore.


Almost 4 years ago I started to work as a professional astrologer. I’ve followed different courses, webinars, read and wrote different books, interpreted over 500 natal charts. But, as an astrologer you’re a student for life and every time I sit down with a new client I learn something new. 


My sun in gemini helps me translate.
My moon in pisces helps me relate.
My Capricorn rising helps me to keep a clear overview.


Peanut butter, my corgi (Brioche), sunsets, palm trees, chai tea lattes, meditation, astrology (no way), cinema, the desert, psychology, hiking, experiencing synchronicities, reading poetry, when it’s sunny but cold outside.

Gemini sun, Pisces moon and Capricorn rising! 

I love Sagittarius risings and moons, they are so often people that are so easy to be around with and talk to. I also have a soft spot for Pisces (especially Moons and Venus). I am sure my future husband has a Capricorn Venus, I can’t help myself with my Capricorn rising. 

I am never done learning. With a North Node in sagittarius I am always looking for things to expand my horizons. I just finished a study about chakra healing and became a certified meditation teacher. I am currently studying stress regulation (to make mental coaching part of my job). 

Life life for yourself, that’s when you’ll be the happiest and feel most fulfilled. When you live life according to you, the people around you and your relationships will thrive. Living a life for yourself means you live an authentic life and you’ll more easily attract the things you are in alignment with. 

A book (coming out on September 6 2023).