5 ways to improve your life right now

Declutter whatever you can

Decluttering helps a lot when it comes to having a clear mind. First of all, cleaning gives most of us a great feeling. Declutter whatever needs a good clean-up. Maybe your desk, your harddrive or your closet full of clothes that you haven’t worn in a really long time. Having a decluttered home also saves a lot of time because there is less stuff to re-arrange and to clean. To me, de-cluttering feels like making space for something new and feeling fresh, almost like making a new start.

Stop procrastinating and solve small problems

I feel amazing when I get things done, especially when they were on my to-do list for a while. Why exactly do we procrastinate things that are super easy to do? Maybe it is laziness or because we are ‘too busy’. Take some hours in your day to write things that are bothering you and are kinda ‘in your way’, try solving them and you will create so much mental space. A recent ‘problem’ of mine was that I didn’t like the way my books were laying around in my house, it was bothering me but I didn’t took the time to do something about it. I finally made a list of things that annoyed me and took care of them. I put all the books in one place and organised them, even gave some of them away (decluttering). Sometimes it takes so little time to do something we delay for so long.

Figure out a saving system that works for you

Since I have been living by myself, I never took the time to really look at my expenses (guess I am bad at adulting). Anything that has to do with numbers, kinda freaks my out. Yes, I procrastinating again while I could simply solve this by writing down my expenses and thinking of a way to save money. Sometimes it can be as easy as to start shopping at less expensive stores. Or to save costs on gas by walking more often. It took me only a couple of hours to write everything down and I feel like I am already saving money!

Get a planner

Another thing that made my life so much easier (and yes, maybe I am way too late to the party), is a planner. I got the Masha planner and I never knew there were so many benefits to planners. When I went to school I always carried an agenda but I never really used it other than to write down homework in it. Now I plan all my work-outs, deadlines, coffee dates and days where I need to create content for brands. My life has seriously improved because of one single item.

Create a morning ritual

When you start creating a ritual, you start creating habits. If you decide one day to create a healthy ritual and stick to it, your life will change in a positive way. For example; I created a morning ritual for work days and it made me  awake, healthier and more productive. I will share my personal morning ritual with you soon on this blog.

I am really, really curious how you have improved your life recently. Let me know! XX