5 favourite plant-based restaurants in LA

shojinFor the last couple of months, I’ve been eating my way through Los Angeles. As a vegan, there are plenty of amazing options when it comes to restaurants. It doesn’t really matter if you are vegan or not, because these restaurants know what they are doing. From the Impossible burger to amazing sushi. Here’s my list of my 5 favourite plant based restaurants in LA;


This restaurants is by far my (and my boyfriends) favourite restaurant in LA. Crossroads is a 100 % plantbased and has amazingly tasting and unique dishes on the menu. For example; vegan oysters made with artichoke and vegan ‘caviar’. Another fav is the spaghetti carbonara with mushroom ‘bacon’ and egg yolk made of yellow tomatoes. The lunch menu exists of a lot of comfort food options. I love the impossible burger served with vegan cheese and truffle fries, UGH! Next time I want to try their mac ’n cheese and waffles & ‘chicken’.


Shojin is a plantbased Japanese restaurant that is located in a mall. A mall, yes, I was a little skeptic too. Me and my boyfriend tried different dishes off their menu. I really loved the ‘Crunchy Tiger’; avocado wrapped ‘chicken’ and asparagus roll topped with crispy potato served with  wasabi-mayo and sweet tamari sauce. Drewling.


Cafe Gratitude is a restaurant you might have heard of. The restaurants has different locations through LA to the O.C. I have to confess I always order the same thing here; the vegan french toast served with fresh fruit, nut cream and maple syrup. Yum!


The interior of this restaurant is amazing, and so is the menu. The butchers daughter is a place for vegetarians but they have great vegan options. Pizza, crab cakes and burgers. The cocktails consist of freshly pressed juice and taste as beautiful as they look. It’s also located on one of my favourite streets in LA; Abbot Kinney.


Nobu is not a plant based restaurant as they serve meat and are famous for their tuna rolls (boo). My boyfriend took me here because he called them to ask if they have vegan options and they did. The cook surprised us with several plant based dishes like vegan sushi rolls, ‘crab’ cakes, and gyoza. Even though this restaurant is not plant based, but I still wanted to mention it because it’s located on such a beautiful location (Right on the beach in Malibu) and the vegan options they offer are amazing. Also, the drinks. I really loved this experience.


What is your favourite restaurant?