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Meet your astrologer, host and author​


Josie is a Dutch astrologer, author and holistic health enthusiast. 

In 2019 she dedicated herself fully to this higher knowledge and since then she has been guiding people to become more self aware and intentional.


Josie has a nice, calm energy and explains things clearly so that you understand it completely. I was also able to open up and noticed that Josie was a great listener, which also helped her explain my birth chart in more depth.


It would be an honour to let me introduce yourself
to you on behalf of the Universe. 

Some kind words,

Moon ceremonies and events,

Call your friends, family or colleagues. All services that Josie offers can easily be done in groups. Josie Boog feels honoured to host (part of) your event and likes to come up with ideas together about how you can link astrology in an accessible way to make your event even more special.

Think of: moon circles, intention setting, guided meditation and journaling and private astrology readings. Astrology continues to be a growing trend and this can definitely be that extra touch to your next gathering, influencer event or product launch.

Are you curious about other possibilities? Feel free to send an e-mail to without obligation –

I would be happy to think along with you!

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Your Moon and Retrograde expert,

You often hear about “retrograde’ when something goes wrong: “Oh, that one planet is definitely retrograde again?” With Retrograde journal, astro-influencer Josie explains everything about this phenomenon and shows that you can make the retrograde period work for you instead of against you.

Retrograde journal focuses mainly on Mercury, the most famous planet when it comes to this mysterious optical illusion. But other planets, such as Jupiter and Venus, are also briefly discussed. What are the properties of these planets and what effect does retrograde have on us?

With the help of stimulating questions, tips and assignments, Josie helps you to write down your thoughts, ideas and experiences per retrograde period. Understand what retrograde does to you, and discover how you can use it. This gives you more stability and peace in your life during moments of chaos and stress.