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Astrology to empower, heal and activate

Meet your astrologer, published author and teacher,

Josie Boog is a Dutch professional astrologer, published author, certified meditation

teacher and so much more, but: to define is to limit.

In 2019 she dedicated herself fully to this higher knowledge and since then she has been guiding people to become more self aware and intentional with their lives. Helping others see and reach their potential  through astrology and self-care is most important to her.

Josie has a nice, calm energy and explains things clearly so that you understand it completely. I was also able to open up and noticed that Josie was a great listener, which also helped her explain my birth chart in more depth.

It would be an honour to let me introduce yourself to you on behalf of the Universe. 

1. openness

2. receive

3. clarity

4. balance

5. healing

Moon ceremonies and events,

Call your friends, family or colleagues. All services that Josie offer can easily be done in groups. Josie Boog feels honoured to host (part of) your event and likes to come up with ideas together about how you can link astrology in an accessible way to make your event even more special.


Think of: moon circles, intention setting, guided meditation, journaling and private astrology readings. Astrology continues to be a growing trend and this can definitely be that extra touch to your next gathering, influencer event or product launch. Brands I’ve partnered up with in the past are: Bumble (event), CHU Collagen Champ (product launch), Sonos (product launch), Afrika Museum (public speaking) and Moost Wanted (event), 


Are you curious about other possibilities? Feel free to send an e-mail to without obligation.


I would be happy to think along with you!

Some kind words,

De astrologie in ons.

Een buitengewone gids over de sterren

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Want to learn and use astrology yourself?

Learning astrology can be overwhelming, I know. But it doesn’t have to be!


I now offer a 6 week training for (future) space-holders, coaches, yoga teachers, energy workers and (cacao) ceremony facilitators that would like to understand how you can really work with astrology and how you can weave this wisdom into your practices and ceremonies. I will help YOU help your clients to understand the collective energy of the moon, the astrological seasons and other planetary energies.


I will make sure you gain all the astrological knowledge and confidence you need to ‘wow’ your next clients! 

Good to know: I teach in Dutch and English!

"Astrology is a Language. If you understand this language, The Sky Speaks to You." — Dane Rudhyar

Let's uncover what's holding you back _____ so we can move forward,

There are so many different ways we can walk through life. Most of us though, are not even aware of the impressive qualities we own.

With astrology I’ve turned my flaws into power. My sensitivity, my need for control, my ability to see the bigger picture but proneness to overlook the details – Astrology taught me how to channel these things in a more productive and purposeful way.

When I first looked deeper into my birth chart years ago – so many things started to make sense. I was always so passionate about understanding myself and others. My natural curiosity and interest in human psychology lead me on this mystical path. 

This is what I want to do, this is what I am meant to do. To hold your hand while we look at your soul’s map: your birth chart. It’s not always pretty – just like life. We deal with trauma, with difficult times and with heartbreak. Understanding how you face these hardships will help you to tackle whatever it is that’s holding you back and move forward with more confidence. 

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